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This charming crochet mandala is from Jennifer of Thread ‘n Fur. She shares, “I live in a rural farming community in Washington State, USA, and was raised on a wheat and cattle farm. I pick up a hook and yarn whenever I can. I learned to crochet at a very early age – how young, I can’t remember. I’ve picked it up off and on through the years. Crochet has always been my way to relax, de-stress, cope with all the things that pile up in life. I want others to find the peace I have found in crochet, the peace Marinke found in crochet. That’s why I chose to contribute to this project – so others will see how much it means to me.”

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She elaborates,

“I discovered Wink’s blog a couple of years ago, and through her I fell in love with mandalas. I also relished her free spirit, yet I knew she struggled to be truly free. Her contribution to the acceptance of mandalas and to crocheting was immense. I loved her work the first time I visited her blog, A Creative Being. I, too, was deeply impacted by the news that Marinke (Wink) succumbed to suicide.”

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“My mandala is done in soft hues, representing the peace I hope Marinke has finally found. I personally have not felt the depths of depression that she and others have, yet I have helped those who do struggle through it – the dark recesses of the long night, the pain, the hollowness, the respite that suicide offers. I will never fully understand, because I myself have not struggled, but I do offer my shoulder, my heart, my hand to guide you, hold you, lift you up.”

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She adds for Marinke’s family,

“Know that a day hasn’t gone by that you aren’t in my thoughts and prayers. Marinke touched my heart and soul, and she will forever be alive through all those who found inspiration through her passion. She is at peace, and is no longer hurting. Mar you find peace in knowing how much we love Marinke.”

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