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This beautiful contribution to Mandalas for Marinke comes from Debbie of @luvayarn. On Instagram, she shares about herself, “I love knitting, crochet, stitching, spinning, reading, walking, flora, fauna, Lucina cat, Morgan dog, spending time with my family and friends”

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For this project she writes,

“I love Wink’s work. Her use of colour and texture is inspiring and makes me feel happy when I see it.

I felt so sad when I read about Wink’s death. It seems wrong that someone who was so filled with life and creativity should be gone.”

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I feel so sympathetic towards her family. I know how they feel. My brother died when he was 27, and I still miss him 29 years later.”

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“Crafting has helped me cope with a chronic condition and depression. It is a constant that helps me every day. Wink’s happy use of colour has helped me with my choosing colors and also has cheered me when I’ve been low.

Thank you, Wink, for the joy you’ve given us. You will always be remembered.”

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Here is some additional reading related to losing a sibling to suicide:

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