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These fabulous crochet mandalas come from Alison, who can be found on Ravelry as abjCrochet. These mandalas are made using Wink’s crochet patterns: Picots and Cream, Rows o’ Dutch Tulips, Berry Shades of Summer and Heartfelt Hearts.

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We learn about Alison from Ravelry,

“I have been crocheting for over 40 years. I was originally taught by my Mom and Grandmother, and have been learning more and more from books, friends, web, etc., ever since. My first favorite was granny squares; I think I made some sort of granny square accessory for almost every toy I owned.”

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She writes,

“Thank you for creating this project and seeing it through. Thank you also for your lovely photos and your thoughtful and informative blog posts for each of the contributions. Marinke meant so much to so many of us in the crochet community, and having this project to honor her memory and to reflect on all the beauty and creativity she brought into the world is very moving.

And a thanks back again to each and every one of you who has contributed. Each time I handle a mandala, type up a story or even think about this project, I am humbled by the amazing web of interconnected strong people we have created through this shared project.

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Alison shares,

I had intended to make these mandalas from Marinke’s designs as a set with a coordinated color theme, but it never worked out, and I kept putting them aside. When I hear of Marinke’s passing, my thoughts went in all different directions, and when I read about this project, I picked up these mandalas again and let them go in all different color directions as well, but each one has at least two colors that repeat in at least two of the others. I found this fitting as each of us experiences and deals with depression and its effects in different ways, and still we have a common link to each other in coping with it.

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I hope that the outpouring of love, and then help that this project will bring to people suffering from depression and to those who love and care for them, will bring some comfort to Marinke’s family and friends.”

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In yesterday’s post, I mentioned the phrase “depression lies” and the many untruths that we believe about ourselves and the world in the midst of depression. Today I thought I’d share some additional resources about this:

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And a small excerpt from Depression Lies, and Here’s Why You Can’t Believe It by Kirsten Corley on Thought Catalog:

Because you are worth it. But depression says you’re a burden.

Because it will get better. But depression says it will only get worse.

Because you are normal. But depression says there’s something wrong with you.”

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