I always feel inspired when I take a look at high fashion crochet, whether it is designer crochet, crochet worn by celebrities, or exquisite one-of-a-kind crochet clothing created by someone for a special occasion. Here are ten more inspiring examples of crochet fashion.

colorful crochet dress

Colorful crochet dress by Russian designer Tatiana Balarri who says, “I belong entirely to art and creativity. I am an artist and teacher of art and painting. ” She has been doing custom hand knitting and crochet work for more than three decades and every piece of work she creates is exquisitely detailed.

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Crochet wedding dress by Ava Wilson-Noellien, a 20-something crafter who had always seen her mother crochet and decided to pick it up herself at the age of 16. She is from St. Lucia and has made a number of pieces inspired by the flag there, but of course her wedding dress was the most exquisite of all the things she has crocheted so far. She also made the beautiful crochet umbrellas carried by her bridesmaids:

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crochet collar cape

Crochet collar cape by Ritika Arya Jain. “RITIKA is a womenswear designer clothing brand dedicated to dressing the modern women in exclusive fashion clothing.”

crochet fashion coat

Full-length wool crochet fringe coat handcrafted by Bonita Edwards Designs who says that she uses her hooks and needles like a painter uses a brush, trying to create works of art and imagination using luxurious yarn as her medium.

crochet sequin dress

Sequin crochet multi-media dress by Alice Halliday, an Irish based couturier. “As someone who cares strongly about the environment, Alice strives to contribute towards creating a more sustainable and ethical fashion industry. She focuses on using unique, reclaimed vintage and antique materials as much as possible.”

ruchkikruchki purple crochet dress

Purple crochet peplum dress by ruchkikruchki, one of my favorite designers to follow regularly. I not only love the bold clothing but I always, always love the styling and photo shoots, which I usually catch sight of on Instagram.

black crochet doily dress

Handmade black crochet doily dress by Viadeimiracoli who says that this boho-chic dress “has been made with thin cotton yarn. It has a jewel neckline and short sleeves; it’s slightly flared and longer in the back than in front.”

andi bagus crochet

Bella in Bali @bellastonegardner in the Bridie top by Andi Bagus, who I discovered when I was looking through this year’s Coachella crochet fashion and have since fallen in love with. The designer has many contemporary designs but I’m a little in love with the retro-inspired styles like this off-shoulder lace-up crochet top with a high-waisted crochet chevron short!

crochet jock strap

Crochet jock strap fashion show. Yes, really. The event was a fundraiser for two HIV support organizations in Chicago and included an auction of the crocheted items. “The first big hurdle is getting over the craft notion, that these are a gimmick — these are not a novelty item, they’re actually something you can wear,” creator Andy Boyer, a Chicagoan of a dozen years, told ChicagoPride.com. “Basically once people have them, they say they wear them all the time…People automatically assume they’re gonna be like your thick wool scarf wrapped around your junk and be both hot and really itchy, so at events I always encourage people to touch them and they realize that they’re actually really soft, really wearable.”

crochet top dress

Designer Pallavi Mohan shares, “Crochet as a trend was born in the Seventies and at the moment, its comeback is fuelled by fashion’s infatuation with that era. It has a certain retro sexiness, a little bit of a peek-a-boo magic, it is very boho chic and at the same time, extremely timeless in appeal.” – source

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