When you find a crochet pattern (or even just a great stitch) that you really love, you want to make it again and again. You might get in a phase where that’s the only thing that you want to make for awhile. That’s why crochet pattern sets are so great; they entice you to make matching items using the same stitch ideas without having to just recreate the exact same item over and over. You satisfy that bug while making mommy-and-me sets or scarf-and-hat sets or other types of sets that look super cute combined together and can also often mix-and-match with other things. Here are ten sets of crochet patterns (meaning more than twenty individual patterns) for you to enjoy crafting.

free crochet cowls pattern

Mommy and Me Infinite Twilight Cowls free crochet pattern by Jessie At Home. You will notice that Jessie has several pattern sets featured in this roundup because she’s somewhat of a master of making things that go well together. Like me, when she gets bit by a certain stitch bug, she has to ride it out by making things that match! But I especially like this one, simple as it is, because there is something so sweet about “mommy and me” patterns.

crochet bolero free pattern

Toddler’s chevron crochet top and matching bolero free patterns from @myhobbyiscroche. This is cute because it is designed to go together as one cohesive outfit but each item also works on its own. The vertical chevron stripes on the bolero perfectly accent the horizontal chevrons of the top. I could absolutely see changing the size on this to make a me-size outfit!

crochet hat and scarf free crochet patterns

Rock Star hat and scarf free crochet patterns from Jessie At Home. These are actually part of a bigger set, designed to match the Rock Star Mitts and make a great complete winter accessories set utilizing the lovely linen stitch. Worn all together, they’ll keep you cozy warm. But when the weather is a little hotter, you can wear just one or two of the pieces on their own so that you can make use of what you’ve made all year long.

striped crochet baby set

Striped baby set patterns available in both knit and crochet for sale from Melody’s Makings. This designer is terrific at creating the same pattern idea in both knit and crochet, which is a sort of pattern set itself, and it looks even cuter when there are multiple items (like the hat and pants here) that give baby a full look.

nordic hat crochet pattern

Nordic Hat Crochet Pattern from My Rose Valley, part of the Nordic Pattern Collection ebook, which also includes patterns for wrist warmers and shawl. This Scandinavian-inspired design is beautiful, colorful and chic, and the pieces are lovely individually as well as collectively.

crochet vintage pattern baby sweater

crochet baby bonnet free vintage pattern

Crochet baby sweater free vintage pattern with matching bonnet from Lacy Crochet. I could see adding the same ribbon that is in the hat as a drawstring detail on the neck of the baby sweater to make an even cuter matching look. But of course it also works just the way that it is! If you don’t like baby to be too matchy-matchy, you could make each piece in a different color. The stitches would still match and look great together.

crochet kitchen set

Crochet kitchen set free pattern from Peanutzmom’s Pattern Place. It is easy to make crochet dishcloths and even hanging towels, which is why they make great gifts for people. When you give a couple different matching items together as a set, you really up the ante and create a special gift that the recipient will treasure.

crochet hat and shawl pattern

Cari crochet slouch hat free pattern by Jessie at Home, which matches her crochet continuous shawl pattern. Here it is the stitch that matches but also the order of the three changing colors. It’s a great look that could walk a runway as easily as it could be worn to the store.

fingerless gloves and bootwarmers

Matching fingerless gloves and boot warmers free pattern by Emi Harrington via My Hobby is Crochet. In her post she shares different accessorizing details (such as the flowers shown here) to make the same basic set of warmers look different depending upon your own personal style.

matching crochet shirt and purse

Matching crochet shirt and purse free patterns from Donna’s Crochet Designs. Simple colors with a floral detail make this an easily-wearable design that still stands out as a special piece when you wear it. The purse could be used with a wide variety of different outfits, not just the shirt that it matches so cutely.

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