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Sharon Blackmore in Canada sent in this terrific thread crochet mandala for the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project.

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For the depression awareness part of today’s post, I’m wondering if you know the group of military veterans at most risk of suicide …

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According to the research, it isn’t “veterans” at all, but rather those who are newest to military service.

“The period of highest risk was just two months after starting military service, according to the study of more than 163,000 men and women in the Army. It found that 61 percent of those who tried to take their own lives had not yet been deployed.”

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The reasons for this aren’t entirely clear but one good guess is that risk of suicide tends to go up in times of transition and the period between leaving basic training and going to deployment is a big transition.

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“A second, unrelated study done on the Canadian military suggests that it just might be that more people are seeking help.”

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