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Join @Bonnies_little_crafts (on Instagram) in a challenge to make hearts for every Yarndale attendee this year. The project, called #7000challenge and #woollyheartsforyarndale2016.

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Bonnie shares,

“I am so fortunate to live in the very town Yarndale flourishes and was so very keen to contribute creatively. I volunteered last year and joined in on the excitement and the buzz and decided to crochet a mere 30 hearts to hand out to visitors. When telling Lucy from Attic24 what I had done, she said it was a lovely gesture but maybe I should have made more. When asking how many attended she said just over 7000 beautiful people turned up over the course of 2 days!!! How jaw dropping amazing and so …

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My 7000 heart challenge was born :-) ♥

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I have so far 42 fabulous ladies crocheting hearts as we speak and 8 of them have sent their beautiful hearts to me already. With each little cute parcel arrivin,g each heart is paper clipped to a tag with the words – “Handmade with love” stamped on. Everyone who contributes will have their Instagram name written on the back to give credit to the lovely creator.

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Whats the aim?

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I am not doing this for attention, nor am I raising funds for charity. I am doing it because it’s good to make someone smile, to make them feel loved and who knows they may pass it on to someone who needs a hearty cuddle or better yet they may yarn bomb somewhere. Either way I want to spread some yarny love just because we can.”

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Both Bonnie and I want to give a shout out to @andknit. She posted a lot about the challenge on Instagram and was actually the reason that I found out about it in the first place. She shared in one of her crochet heart posts, having made 200 of them:

“This little project has got me thinking about hearts and good hearts. As you know, I’m a Buddhist in training, and having a good heart is at the core of Buddhism, so for me to help out on this project #woollyheartsforyarndale2016 is like the ultimate mindfulness/meditation. I will not stop until I reach my target.”


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I really love the message behind this project. It’s similar, in some ways, to the mini mandalas for Marinke that will be given out to people who feel that they need the inspiration, to feel connected to a heart-based, soul-nourishing, creative community of uplifting people who have all gone through tough times and come out the other side. In this case, it’s for all attendees of Yarndale, a fabulous event. It was mentioned that Wink was missed and remembered at Yarndale last year … and although this project is not in any way about her, it does have the same message of the value of always reaching out with kindness and color to everyone around us … partly because you never know what someone is going through and partly just because. Human kindness can never be underrated.

crochet hearts for yarndale 9Contributions should be sent by September 10th. You can get the mailing address by sending a direct message to @bonnies_little_crafts on Instagram. You may use any crochet heart pattern as long as each heart is no bigger than the size of your palm. Two recommended patterns are the teeny tiny hearts crochet pattern by Attic24 and the simple heart for love bombing crochet pattern by @queen_babs.

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  1. Yvonne Mabbott Reply

    @andknit was right I nearly cried!!! Kathryn Thank you for spreading the word or two it really does mean so much and bless Marinke her beautiful creative soul is forever with us. We all could do with a hearty cuddle now and then and if these hearts help 1,2,3,7000 visitors then that will make me pretty much chuffed to pieces :-) blessed be ♥♥♥


  2. What a lovely idea! I am going to switch up my church crocheting and do hearts for a few weeks. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. What a very sweet project. It’s wonderful to see people being kind to each other.

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