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These two absolutely wonderful crochet mandalas come to us from Elisabeth of Geekly Chic Crochet. She’s a 12-year-old crocheter from Versailles, KY, who was inspired by Wink. She writes,

“I am proud to contribute to this project. First off, Wink, I love you. I thank you for teaching me my stitches, techniques, and more personal / emotional lessons. I will cherish your work always and forever. You are the one who inspired me, at age 11, to start my own mini business and blog.

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I remember the day I got the news about you. I was so excited in the morning to get on the iPad and try your new pattern. Just before I started, I did a quick check of my email. Then I remember my eyes blurred and my limp body fell to the carpet.

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“I want you to know that I still live on to tell your story. I have grown from Day 1 of my business to expand into Geekly Chic Crochet, attending my first ever craft fair. I really can’t imagine a life without you always on my mind. Words can’t explain my passion for crochet, which you yourself mended. Wink, I love you and what you made.”

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I contribute my first mandala made with Red Heart Super Saver, Sugar and Creme and a random scrap yarn. Then my first butterfly peacock mandala. All of my favorite colors right now are in that one, and it’s made mostly with Sugar and Creme.

Learn more about Elisabeth (Lisa) here. You can also read a school essay she wrote about Wink.

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Today I want to share a really touching post on Dogster written by Jennifer Purdie about her dog Anna. She writes about her battle with depression, how she stopped running (something she loved) and how Anna helped her get back to it, to get through depression, to get back to life.

“Every morning I called out to Anna to come into my room, and I grabbed her collar and used her to pull me out of bed. It was the only way I could plant two feet onto the ground every day.”

The post is a tribute to Anna, who passed away; Jennifer ran a half marathon right afterwards in honor of what this pup brought to her life.

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I believe wholeheartedly in the benefit of pet therapy. I didn’t get my own pup until I was well enough from depression to know that I could take daily care of a dog in the city, but I regularly spent time with other dogs and those have been some of the most healing days of my life. In depression, you may not be able to care for an animal, but you can borrow one from a friend, visit your local dog park or volunteer at your local shelter. You may find it helps.

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  1. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!!! I think its wonderful how we all can come together to create something amazing. (Goodness, what I do when I was making the Peacock Butterfly Mandala)?

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