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I really want to get my hands on a copy of Vanessa Mooncie’s new book, Animal Heads: Trophy Heads to Crochet, but I haven’t gotten a copy, yet, so I thought I’d do a review of another recent book she authored, Crocheted Sea Creatures: A Collection of Marine Mates to Make.


Mooncie is an expert at creating amigurumi animals that are inspired by the real animals found in nature but given a slight touch of whimsy under her guidance. There are one dozen crochet sea creatures in this pattern book, and I have to say that I really love each and every one of them. It is no surprise that I love the jellyfish and the seahorse, because those are two of my favorite sea creatures. (My very favorite is the leafy sea dragon, which I have never seen a crochet pattern for. Yet.) But I also really love the rich character of the bold octopus, the texture in the puffer fish and the sea urchin, and the organic spirals in the nautilus. Every character has, well, so much character!


The book itself is also just really charming. There are lots of little notes with each of them. Some of the patterns have fun factual information about the creature to accompany them; for example, “despite the name, hermit crabs are actually more closely related to lobsters than to other crabs”. Others have cheesy jokes with them, which are really my favorite kinds of jokes; things like “how does a seahorse travel so quickly? It scallops!” I just chuckled as a re-wrote that. I love it.


Each crochet pattern includes the written instructions (in UK terms) for the crochet patterns, which are primarily worked in (British) double crochet. You’ll also find symbol charts, helpful drawings and more to assist you through every step of making each of the twelve creatures in this crochet book. It is a well-put-together title that is whimsical but also very professional. So, so fun.


Vanessa Mooncie is a talented amigurumi crochet and knit designer with a passion for crafting animals. In the introduction to this book, she writes, “With a crochet hook and a few balls of yarn, from the vibrant jewel-like shades to the more camouflaged hues that are available, you can create your own colorful ensemble of the weird and wonderful creatures of the sea.”


But sea creatures aren’t all she knows how to create. Here is a look at some of her other crochet animal books:

animal heads to crochet

Animal Heads: Trophy Heads to Crochet

crocheted wild animals book

Crocheted Wild Animals: A collection of woolly friends to make from scratch

crochet animal hats

Crocheted Animal Hats: 15 patterns to hook and show off

Mooncie also has knitting books with animal patterns and crochet books featuring motifs as well as wearables. She’s a versatile crochet designer but her forte is definitely in animal design, and this collection of sea animals is definitely a great example of that skill.


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  1. I recently took out Vanessa Mooncie’s “Crocheted Animal Hats”. The patterns are awesome and include charts, which is always helpful. I think I’ll add the book to my birthday wish list.

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