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I love crochet apps of all kinds but I’ve never been more excited about one than I am today, having just downloaded the new CraftMoji app. It’s 99 cents in the iPhone app store and it is filled with adorable crochet art images and emojis for other crafts. Fabulous fun.

craftmoji crochet stickers

You’ll find 150+ cute and cheeky emojis to share with your friends via iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email and more. Whether you love crochet, knitting, sewing, or stitching, express your passion for all things craft with a huge variety of emojis at your fingertips.”

craftmoji granny square emoji

There are several different categories of knit / crochet / craft stickers in this app:

  • Yarn Ball Faces. These are happy and sad faces and a bunch of other emotions, but they are on yarn balls instead of just faces. They are mostly yellow, with a few red, blue and green. And there are a couple of extras including one that’s a flying angel and one that’s just a frog (ribbit, ribbit). I especially like the one that looks like a ninja with a crochet hook through the yarn ball; there’s a similar one for knitters.
  • Animals and Objects. This is a collection of things that you might make in knitting or crochet. I didn’t quite get all of them; there were a few popsicles, for example. But mostly, they are cute and I can see how they would get used … a coffee cup if you’re making a cozy, a couple of flowers including one that reminds me of a mandala, tea pots and bicycles and pineapples and animals including sheep and cats. The ribbit frog shows up here again, in a slightly different form.
  • Tools and Notions. Here we have seven yarn balls in different colors, a bunch of different colors and types of thread, some yarn balls with hooks and needles in them, hooks and needles on their own, including individuals and sets and circular needles. There is a big stack of yarn, a tote bag, stitch markers, buttons, a sewing machine, scissors and more. My favorite is that there are two granny squares here with a hook in each; one for left-handed crochet and one for right-handed!
  • WIPs. There are only twelve items in this section, and I almost think it could have gone under “animals and objects” but nevertheless, this is cute. There are two hats, two granny squares , a few shirts, a pom pom, a banner, a sock and some hexis. It doesn’t cover everything that you might want to crochet but you could certainly easily text a picture of many of the things you might be working on.
  • Words. Finally there is a big section of words and phrases. I like to “love hook” knuckle tattoo, the “crocheting please wait” written around a crochet hook, and the “treblemaker”. There are some that are common language used in crafting (WIP, YO, F.O.) and some that are humorous takes on crochet language (“crocheting takes balls”, ” “my best friends are hookers”, “license to carry a 9mm”) and some that are just things you might say when crafting (like “oops!”)

craftmoji crochet app

It’s important to note that Craftmojis are technically not “emojis” but instead are stickers. There’s a slight difference, because emojis can’t be added to your keyboard (it’s its own new keyboard) and you can’t use them in all apps. I’m bummed about this aspect because they can’t be used on Instagram, which is where I would most likely choose to use them. (For this same reason, I love LOLy but get frustrated that I can’t use the stickers in Instagram!) But they work in iMessage and Facebook Messenger, and at least it’s a start!

craftmoji crochet emojis


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  3. Billie Sasser Reply

    Is there any other way to get the craftmoji other than iPads and iPhones

  4. S m giovinco Reply

    Wondering if there will ever come out for androids or nonapple devices?

  5. Would love to have this for android. This is what I’ve been looking for !

  6. Tatiana Wickham Reply

    Will there be an android version? I have a Samsung. Thank you

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