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Colorful Crochet: Over 60 Bright, Cheerful Projects for Home, Family, and Friends by Therese Hagstedt is a delight to look at if you enjoy color-rich contemporary crochet. It’s the kind of color that’s clean – with lots of white to make it bright and soft at the same time. As Therese writes in her introduction,

colorful crochet granny blanket

“Doesn’t color make everyone happy? I feel unbelievably happy when I see certain color combinations and I feel like a kid in a candy store whenever I buy yarn. Crochet is a great hobby for me, with all the wonderful colors and the chance to create something of my own. As a bonus, it’s a type of therapy for the soul.”

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This book begins with a little bit of basic crochet instruction, including how to make and join granny squares. There are some basic patterns for flowers, butterflies and crochet hearts. And then there are the patterns, organized into the categories “for the home”, spring / summer, autumn / winter and Christmas crochet projects. It’s a huge eclectic mix of projects so you can surely find something that you would want to make!

colorful crochet granny square pillow

I personally really love the granny square projects. I think that they take some of the best color inspiration ideas and combine them in ways that are interesting. They seem easy to make but they make you smile, and I can see them working in a lot of different settings – for your home, your child or gifts to give to others.

colorful crochet granny square bracelet

I also really liked the crochet projects in the autumn / winter and Christmas section of the book, because they go against the grain of the stereotypes of what you would normally find under these categories in a crochet book. The same bright colors that are used in the other sections of the book continue to be put to good use here, just changed up slightly to give a nod to the seasons. For example, Christmas potholders and ornaments are made in red and pink instead of the classic red and green. Of course, if you prefer traditional Christmas colors, you could change your yarn and still make use of these patterns. And because of that color choice, some of the Christmas items would actually work well for Valentine’s Day, too!

colorful crochet granny vest

If you enjoy color, you like working with granny squares, and you are impressed by crochet books that have a large number of projects in them then Colorful Crochet is a good title to go ahead and add to your personal craft library.


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