Here is the complete roundup of all of the things that I blogged about in crochet through the month of April.

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It Was My Birthday


My birthday is April 13th, an Aries through and through. I shared a discount on all of my books throughout the month which has now come to an end, a way of giving a birthday gift from me to you. And I shared A Creative Post On My Birthday About The People Who Created Me, spending the day thinking about my parents and all I’ve gotten from them that isn’t material.

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red beauty textiles yarn

Get fabulous yarn from Red Beauty Textiles

Crochet Art

april crochet mandalasformarinke

Mandalas for Marinke

ewoodstory mixed media art

The Miniature Crochet Art inside eWoodStory Frames

Crochet Books

vintage modern crochet

Vintage Modern Crochet

crochet book by twinkie chan

Twinkie Chan’s Crocheted Abode a La Mode

one skein crochet baby

One-Skein Baby Projects

Crochet Designers

annie summer crochet collection

Interview with designer Lena Skvagerson about Annie’s Summer Love Collection knit and crochet patterns

Crochet Fashion

granny crochet coachella

I did a roundup of more than fifty beautiful crochet styles spotted this year at Coachella (post in two parts)

Crochet Health

louloudeane crochet heart camo

image via louloudeane

How To Use Unpredictable Colors in Crochet to Add Adventure To Your Life; a Hook to Heal exercise

crochet for stress relief

April was Stress Awareness Month and the Craft Yarn Council did really awesome things all month long to raise awareness about the heart health benefits of knitting and crochet – including a big lemon drop on tax day using the Twinkie Chan lemon stress ball free pattern!

anjas squares

My article about Anja’s Squares was featured in Happily Hooked issue 25

Spring Cleaning: Organize!!

I wrote a series of posts this month for the Craftsy spring cleaning project, helping crafters to organize and declutter their crafty spaces. I write a lot about this in Hook to Heal and consider it an important part of the process of crocheting for wellness so I was happy to be able to do some more writing on this for Craftsy!

how to organize your hooks and notions

How to Organize Your Crochet Hooks and Notions

how to organize your crochet patterns

How to Organize Your Crochet Patterns

use up crochet scraps

Ways to Use Up Your Yarn Scraps: Knit, Crochet and No-Stitch Ideas

organize crochet wips

A Plan For Working Through All Your WIPs, from Hook to Heal

de-stash your yarn

De-Stash Your Yarn

Crochet Patterns

mandala necklace free crochet pattern

60 free crochet patterns including this beautiful LillaBorn mandala necklace pattern

flower bracelet crochet pattern

20 Fresh, New Crochet Flower Patterns including this pretty bracelet pattern sold by Little Treasures

crochet skirt pattern

15 Fun, Flirty, Free Crochet Skirt Patterns including this skirt by Josi Hannon Madera

crochet dog sweater pattern

15 New Free Animal Crochet Patterns for Pets including this dog sweater by Jenna Wingate

Crochet Tutorials

solomon's knot crochet

How to Crochet Solomon’s Knot

how to crochet post stitches

Everything You Can Do With Crochet Post Stitches

arm crochet

How to Arm Crochet

weaving crochet

Woven Granny Square DIY Crochet Wall Hanging Tutorial


How to Single Crochet Two Together (sc2tog)

crochet stitch markers

What is “PM” in a crochet pattern?

Other Crochet Inspiration

crochet braided scarf

15 Fun Ways to Incorporate Braids into Your Crochet including braided scarves like this pattern from Rookie Crafter

Yarn Things

orange wool yarn

14 new things to learn about yarn, including the benefits of wool as shared by WATG


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