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Annie’s has always released knit and crochet patterns, offering many great designs over the years, but now they’re doing something a little bit different and it’s super interesting to see. Annie’s is working with leading knit and crochet designers, including lead designer Lena Skvagerson, to create a curated collection of patterns suited specifically for the summer season. It’s about more than just a pattern or even a set of patterns; it’s about evoking a mood or emotion that is relevant to the season of the year, similar to what we see in high fashion.

Take a Vacation as You Explore These Crochet Patterns

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Annie’s is releasing a set of knit patterns and a set of crochet patterns, both designed to evoke the beauty of summer. The design of the online books is intended to take you on a journey that brings you beyond just a pattern; it’s more than the sum of its parts.

“The Lookbooks are designed to captivate the viewer as they are taken on an inspiring romantic “seascape” journey through the 9 knit and 14 crochet patterns in two separate Lookbooks. Page by page, the reader is guided on a visual retrospective of photographic imagery that represents each of the designs with the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.”

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More About This Summer Crochet Pattern Collection

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This work is the vision of lead designer Lena Skvagerson but was created in collaboration with a number of different designers. “This group of collaborators share one unified vision—to create a feel-good volume of knit and crochet patterns with the intention to infuse loving energy upon those who create them.” The patterns are designed for wearing in warm water and include shirts ranging from tanks to pullovers. The designs share a color story but are varied enough to suit a variety of body types and style preferences.

Interview with Lena

lena skvagerson

What are some of the crochet techniques used in the patterns in this collection?

We are using star stitches, shell textures, fan textures, crochet flowers, working in the round in a circle, basic sc and dc patterns, short rows & filet crochet, so you’ll find a little bit of everything in this collection. With the range of different skill levels in mind, I have put every effort into making the patterns at a level where even the person who has just learned to master knit and purls or single and double crochet shall trust and be confident that they can make these garments.

What can you share about the design process?

My two experienced colleagues, Kara and Connie, and I, spent 3 days together brainstorming what kind of garments we wanted in the collection, making sure we had some of everything for everyone. We looked at all of the new yarns coming out in 2016, considering our favorite fibers for spring and summer, as well as looking at what would be a great value for the money. Finally we picked out a color range that would go well together, and what would be the best fit for each garment. I went home to design a majority of the garments in the collection, but also invited a couple of designers to help me with some of them. These designers are people we admire for their great work, so it was easy to trust them to help us make exciting designs based on our guidelines.

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What was your vision for this collection?

My wish and vision was to put together a cohesive collection with an emphasis on clean, casual, easy to wear modern classics with a twist. I wanted to design ageless garments and wearables that people can wear every day and that look flattering on a broad range of body types. To me, all of the designs, except perhaps the swimsuit, are designed to be flattering on everyone. I believe that people age 20 or age 60 could equally enjoy this collection. I used gradient colors that blend, fades and can work with everyone’s wardrobes, colors I know will refresh as well as lifting up one’s feminine, romantic side.

Will we see additional season represented in the same type of format in the future?

We are hoping the first collection is welcomed by our customers, and with our full hopes in this, we are right now in the first phase of planning a follow up fall collection.

Since this one is about love of summer, what do you personally love about summertime? What does summer mean to you?

Being from Sweden, growing up with long winters and many times rainy summers, I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love summer time and living in California. This place is an endless source of amazing landscape and perfect light. I am living not more than 10 minutes away from the ocean and the beaches. To be able to spend time by the ocean or hiking the golden hills, in the warm summer winds, and trusting the sun to shine on me every day … it is truly a strong love to me.

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What is something interesting about you or the collection that we don’t know yet?

I worked for Drops design/Garnstudio, Scandinavia for 25 years. In addition to many designs for them, I also made the first 300+ of their tutorial videos on You Tube.

I am one of the experts on the TV show Knit and Crochet Now that plays on PBS/Create TV.

I invented the Knit Crocodile stitch; there is a series of patterns and a tutorial video to be found at Annie’s.

And most importantly, I am absolutely in love with this new collection and how it turned out. All the models in the pictures are my close friends, and the beaches are where I spend my weekends. Almost all of the names of the designs are inspired from my favorite places here on the Central Coast. So there is a meaningful thought behind everything; that makes this collection so very special to me.

Check Out This Summer Crochet Collection

annie summer crochet collection

Annie’s Signature Designs Summer Love Collection can be viewed online. You can also check them out on Instagram @AnniesSignatureDesigns; the hashtags to look for are #AnniesSignatureDesigns and #AnniesSummerLoveCollection.


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