anne cotton crochet mandalas

These two gorgeous Mandalas for Marinke come to us from Anne who lives here in San Francisco. They were made in gorgeous Rowan cotton glade yarn using the colorful mandala pattern in Simply Crochet issue #5 and the picot mandala crochet pattern from Simply Crochet issue #7.

anne cotton crochet mandalas edge picot anne cotton crochet mandalas flat

Anne included a beautiful message for Wink that reads,

Dear Wink, How I miss your present on this planet! I so looked forward to seeing your work in print. Your patterns were the first thing I turned to in Simply Crochet! I will treasure them. With love, Anne.

anne cotton crochet mandalas for wink

anne cotton crochet mandalas picot anne cotton crochet mandala

And she added a note for me that reads,

Thank you for doing this project. Depression is a hard one. The more we know, the more we will take it seriously. Crochet definitely helps, as I know. Blessings! Love, Anne.

anne cotton crochet mandalas flower detail anne cotton crochet mandalas center detail

There are many different ways and places to learn about depression and I so hope that this project is one resource for many people. One other great resource is WebMD; there is a lot of information there ranging from basic definitions to tips for different stages of the condition to some of the latest news reports. WebMD is more than just a place to check your own symptoms or figure out treatment options for different conditions; it can also be a source of information and is worth taking a look at as a starting point for learning more about aspects of depression that may interest you.

anne colorful cotton crochet mandalas anne cotton crochet mandala for wink anne cotton crochet mandalasformarinke

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  1. I had the privilege a few times to correspond with Wink. She was helping me with a few of her Mandala’s. I lost the patterns on old computer. I have been trying to get them back but for the life of me can’t find them. She was helping me through my own depression and I feel like now I am losing. I am trying to find the months and year that her patterns were in Simple Crochet. I know issues 4,5,6,7,9,12,14,15,16,and 17. Is there a place where I can get all her Mandala’s ? I really need your help for I really want to make them again. Thank you.

    • Kathryn Reply

      I am in the process of finding out if there is a way to source all of her patterns. I will post something when I know.

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