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Continuing on with this month’s posts for the Mandalas for Marinke Remembrance Project, we’ve got this creative, colorful contribution from Susan Guard, found on Instagram @offthehook.susan. We learn there that this account belongs to a “Mother and Daughter team crocheting to make the world cozier one scarf at a time.”

offthehookbysusan crochet mandala center detail

The work together on an Etsy store, where we learn more about them each:

“Off the Hook by Susan Guard is an Etsy made up of the team of El Paso-based Susan Guard and Dallas-based Caitlin Hughes. Susan is the heart and soul of this Etsy shop. She has been a self-taught “crocheter” since college and has worked her way from simple chain scarves to even creating a small stuffed alligator. This talent has always been put to use within family, mostly creating colorful scarves for Caitlin to wear growing up. When Caitlin went to college in Colorado, that’s when scarf making went into over drive to ensure she was warm and bundled up when walking to and from classes on the winter wonderland campus. Caitlin has always received compliments on all these scarves because each is unique and vibrantly colorful and brings cheer to any winter outfit and commute. This shop is a partnership between Susan and Caitlin in order to share Susan’s talent with a larger community and outfit more people in awesome scarves.

Susan is always looking for more patterns and materials to use and loves creating something special for each individual that she makes something for, each crocheted item is made with care and intention. Susan is looking to turn this hobby that she has enjoyed since her college years into a viable business. She is just one mom trying to make the world a little cozier. Susan is the hands and craftsman of this operation and Caitlin attempts to help her mom with all the technical aspects and promotion, while also learning how to crochet from her mom.”

offthehookbysusan crochet mandala for marinke

In her letter for the project, she writes,

“In memory of Wink … In the hope that with awareness and education we can erase the stigma of suffering from depression and offer help and hope to those who need it.”

offthehookbysusan crochet mandalas

Bell Let’s Talk, a$100+ million dollar commitment to mental health, offers five ways to end this type of stigma:

  1. Through language
  2. Through self-education
  3. Through kindness to others
  4. Through listening to those who are suffering
  5. Through talking about your own experiences

offthehookbysusan crochet mandalasformarinke

This post is part of the Mandalas for Marinke project.

offthehookbysusan crochet mandala for mwink


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