Diane Crochet Mandala

This pretty package for the Mandalas for Marinke project comes to us from Diane in Oregon, who used Wink’s Summer Hearts crochet mandala pattern worked with Size 5 Perle Cotton thread and a #7 crochet hook.

Diane's Crochet Mandala Flat

Diane writes,

“Thank you for this opportunity to honor Wink. Although I was not a follower of her blog, I was deeply saddened to hear of her struggles and her tragic death. I think it is very important to show our support to her family and friends and to her wonderful art. And yes, to bring awareness about depression. Every person we can support or educate who is dealing with their own or someone else’s depression is a great thing.”

Diane's Crochet MandalasForMarinke

She adds,

Your post about crochet meditation was most helpful to me. I lost my 102-year-old mother Stella the week before Wink lost her battle. My grief is coming in the form of anxiety and depression. I have definitely turned to crochet to help myself. The color therapy and ability to bring myself in to present time are both helping. After reading your article, I am also remembering to count stitches and use crochet as a meditation.”

Diane's Thread Crochet Mandala

Susan Anand at the University of Mississippi Medical Center is doing work with art therapy for people with depression, anxiety and other related mental health issues.

Anand says the act of creating – drawing, sculpting, painting, puppet-making – is the path to a safe place where those who feel powerless exercise control, where the emotionally tongue-tied are freed.”

She goes on to discuss how all art is a form of self-portraiture and sometimes people can work with feelings through their art that they can’t discuss with words.

Diane's Crochet Mandala detail

One participant in the program shared:

“What that did for me was to ignite something inside of me; it awakened some part of myself that I had lost touch with,” she said. “I felt more willing to share. And it gave me confidence because I got a lot of nice feedback from the other participants. I just needed that. It fed me.”

Diane's Crochet Mandala


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