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I was excited about the book Crochet Geometry: Geometric Patterns to Fit and Flatterir?t=moho 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1454709197 before I’d even gotten my eyes on a copy. It was partially because I know that everything done by the guys from Shibaguyz is well-crafted, unique, inspiring and interesting. But it was mostly because I love the concept – a set of patterns that show you how different basic geometric shapes can be combined together to make flattering clothing.

Crochet is Fashion, Math and Art

Half Circle Wrap Close Up

Half-Circle Wrap, detail

I love the concept of the book for a few reasons, not the least of which is that it points to the many different spheres in which crochet plays a part. This book is the intersection of crochet as fashion, math and art. It shares patterns for flattering designs across many different adult sizes. As for the rest, the author says it best in the introduction, writing,

“The designs in this book (indeed, design in general) are a beautiful collaboration between geometry and art.”

He goes on to give us a bit more information about the design process, so that we can get a real understanding of both the work and the art that went into creating this title. It’s smart writing but not overwhelmingly heady – just good solid information that you could skip if it didn’t interest you but that really enhanced the book’s value for me personally.

Crochet Fashion as Shapes

cocoon shrug

Cocoon Shrug, a rectangular project made using a stunning textured cable stitch

Ultimately, what this teaches us is that there are really just a few basic shapes that need to be known to put together flattering crochet clothing. Then you need to know (or explore) different ways to connect those shapes. I love this because although I can and do follow patterns, I also really just like to make things without instructions. This book gave me a really thorough understanding of how different shapes work together in three dimensions to create clothing and how to adapt those connected shapes for fit.

Detailed Crochet Patterns

Mainsail Wrap 1

Mainsail Wrap

Perhaps you aren’t as interested as I am in about understanding the shapes and how they connect. That really doesn’t matter because this is also just a book full of great patterns. You’ll find unique designs that you’ll want to create, designs that allow you to explore different types of stitches and garments. Each pattern has detailed written instructions that are easy to follow along with schematics, assembly diagrams, stitch charts and written notes to help you along every step of the way with each project that you may want to create using this book.

T-Top in Small 2

T-Top Pullover

You’ll also find general information that’s helpful related to thinks like swatching and blocking, which will assist you in getting the right shape and drape to make your clothing fit you in a flattering way.

Want to see more? The Shibaguyz website has a flip book preview video!

About the Authors


This book is authored by Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby with photography by Jason Mullet-Bowlsby, the team known together as the Shibaguyz (so called for the three Shiba Inu pups that tolerate their people’s creativity as long as it doesn’t interrupt their walks, treats and general love schedule). Their work has been widely published across a variety of knitting and crochet publications. This book is their 8th title and aligns with one of their specialties which is books that feature designs for sizes small through 5x.

Follow the authors @shibaguyz on Twitter, G+ and Pinterest. You can also find them as shibaguyzphoto on Twitter and on Facebook as both shibaguyzphotography and shibaguyzdesignz. Shannon’s patterns can also be located on Ravelry under his designer profile.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Jodiebodie Reply

    I’m with you about books that add introductions and general theory to their content because one can learn so much more. I like the intellectual stimulation of crochet as much as the tactile because when I am unable to crochet, I can still occupy myself by considering the theory. The maths and construction ideas often translate to other crafts too. It is added value that is not often found in books that are simply collated patterns.
    Thanks for the review – now there’s another book to add to my wish list! :-)

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