Ali's Crochet Mandala spring

Ali in Scotland made this beautiful springtime-inspired crochet mandala using Wink’s Picots and Petals pattern. She writes,

“This was the first pattern of Wink’s that I found and I was just blow away by such a young woman’s story and talent. She will be greatly missed and remembered every time I made a mandala, although with some sadness.”

Ali's Crochet Mandala flat

Ali adds,

“I know my craft keeps me on a steady path – and mandalas are my go to projects when I need some “breathing space”.

Ali's Crochet Mandala center

Coloring books for adults have become increasingly popular in the last year and I wanted to make mention of it because it’s another great way that you can bring creativity, de-stressing and methods of reducing anxiety and depression into your life. Coloring is similar to crochet in some ways; you aren’t starting from scratch when you have a crochet pattern or a picture to color in but you still get to express yourself creatively in a way that can be mindful, meditative and healing.

Ali's Crochet MandalasForMarinke

There are some art therapists and researchers who question the validity of this trend. The argument is that doing something more actively creative is more healing than coloring in a design that is already there on the paper. But having experienced depression and crocheted my way through it, I can see how just coloring in an existing pattern would be best at times. I know that when I need to use crochet therapeutically, I am most likely to just crochet large granny square blankets, stitching meditatively, letting the movement and color wash over my brain and wipe away the grey. Sure, there are sometimes when the focus of working on a difficult pattern or even creating my own design is what I need to feel well but there are also down times when I need the mindless stitching. I imagine that for many people coloring is the same.

Ali's Crochet Mandalas

Arley Hoskins, writing for HealthyPlace, says,

“I’ve recently started taking 15-20 minute “coloring breaks” throughout the day. I’m amazed at how calming and centralizing this practice has become. It enhances my bliss and increases my productivity. The best thing about these color sessions is that they don’t require a lot of time and I can fit them in anywhere throughout the day.”

Ali's Crochet Mandala

This post is part of the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project to raise depression awareness.


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  1. Wow. That is stunningly beautiful. I would love to have the pattern for it!

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