doubletrebletrinkets micro crochet hen

Over time we’ve looked at some wonderful examples of tiny teeny micro crochet, but it’s rare to see patterns for creating these little works of art.

doubletrebletrinkets crochet finger puppets

If you want those patterns, you can find some of them created by Uljana Semikrasa of DoubleTrebleTrinkets, who share some free on her site and offers others for sale on Ravelry.

doubletrebletrinkets micro crochet sheep

Just want to indulge in the eye candy of her amazing work? Start here today and then be sure to click over to Instagram and follow her there.

doubletrebletrinkets fairy micro crochet

Uljana shares on her website that she learned to crochet in school but didn’t like it, probably because it was required to learn it. Years later, her sister-in-law joined a crochet group and it inspired her to start crocheting again, too.

doubletrebletrinkets micro crochet elephants

She writes, “When I crochet, I don’t usually use patterns, I like to crochet freestyle and try to make what I see. The inspiration for my projects comes from everywhere including my kids, the Internet and my own imagination.”

doubletrebletrinkets crochet teddy bear


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. I love your little collection – especially the mini-sheep – thanks for showing!

  2. Sue Barker Reply

    Loving your crochet projects they are all fabulous. So glad I found your pin.

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  4. love these micro amigurumis. How did you make them so small? tweezers,a hook and a magnifying glass?
    The smallest I’ve made I used a 0.75mm hook and 2 pieces of sewing thread and that was hard enough!

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