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All photos from Tanja’s Crochet, either the website or Instagram. I encourage you to check out all of her beautiful work for inspiration!

tanjas crochet jumpsuit

I’m going to be going to Stockholm, Sweden soon, which is exciting because it’s my first time traveling anywhere in Europe. I confess that I’m a little nervous about leaving pup Katara for such a long trip, although she will be staying with her pack of dog cousins and my brother down in LA and so will likely be not only safe but also happy.

tanjas crochet swimwear

I also confess that I’m a little stressed for time; working for myself means that I don’t get paid for days I don’t work so I’m trying to get a whole month of work fit into about half a month’s time. Despite that, there’s a lot to be excited about with this trip. I’m hoping to be able to explore some traditional Swedish handicrafts while we’re there, keeping an eye out for crochet, of course, and I’m hoping to visit some yarn stores during my short trip.

tanjas crochet ripple top

In preparation, I’ve been researching crochet and yarn related things in the Stockholm area online and I came across Tanja’s Crochet. It’s such beautiful work that I just had to share. Tanja’s Crochet is a handmade shop that sells crochet items.

tanjas crochet romper

They are exquisitely well-stitched with attention to detail, and I love the simple beauty of the designs. I’m enchanted by the website, which showcases each of the different designs in a creamy white color; it reminds me of the work of Anna Kosturova in this way. But I’m also charmed by Tanja’s Crochet on Instagram, where the same pieces are featured in different color options as well.

tanjas crochet top in purple

She shares on the site,

“Having no formal training, Tanja has learnt her craft from her grandmother’s knee as a child and subsequently through hours and hours of practice and experimentation on her own as the years progressed. To create one piece not only takes time but also the utmost concentration and care, a skill which Tanja has honed and perfected over the last 15 years. Having each item made by one designer truly ensures that the level of care and expertise is always maintained, and this shows through in all of Tanja’s creations.”

Beautiful work.

tanjas crochet granny tops

Tanja’s Crochet also offers some good basic tips for washing crochet in the FAQ of the website.

tanjas crochet on the rack


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