5 Mandalas in Honor of Marinke 2

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5 Mandalas in Honor of Marinke

And in memory of my brother-in-law who also succumbed to depression.

5 Mandalas in Honor of Marinke 3

And for my sister who battles her bi-polar every single day.

5 Mandalas in Honor of Marinke 4

And for Marinke’s family and her fiancĂ©, in hopes that they realize all the special things about Marinke they love so dearly are the same things they will miss the most. These are, in fact, the very things that should be celebrated in grandeur, shouted to the heavens, shared with honor and commemorated every day. Wink did find the light; it’s just another side.

5 Mandalas in Honor of Marinke 5

And for Marinke’s contribution to the crochet craft. My mother used to crochet when I was young but, being a tomboy, I had zero interest. I can still picture her with her yarn at her feet while she “crocheted away”. I’m not sure when she stopped, but years and years later, when she became ill and had to move, my sister and I found bags and bags of old (and I do mean old!) yarn and vintage hooks of every size. I took those old things home, and when she sufficiently recovered brought them back to her. She was just beginning to get back into the craft when she unexpectedly passed away. Even though crochet was something I never ever thought I would be interested in, I taught myself in her memory. Desire being one thing, practicality another. It was difficult to know if I was doing it “right”; that’s where the online crochet community came in. I had a place to find a picture or video. Repeating stitches, repeating patterns, making things … I’d think of my mother often. I mourned my way through what seemed like a million scarves and afghans, so many I was bored and losing interest. That’s when I found Wink and her mandalas. Her blog with the free patterns, easy to follow instructions and encouragement, her color sense, imagination, originality and friendly style caused my fascination with crochet to return full force. I will always remember Wink as the one who kept me in the craft and will sing her praises to myself with every Mandala I make.

5 Mandalas in Honor of Marinke 6

And for you and your bravery, your commitment to MandalasForMarinke is admirable, and I wish you light, strength and stability. Thank you for taking on depression and mental health disorders.

5 Mandalas in Honor of Marinke 7

Wink, while I wish you were here for all the next years, I am grateful for your accomplished, artistic, beautiful talent. Now rest your soul.”

5 Mandalas in Honor of Marinke

This post is part of the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project.


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