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Jessie Rayot is a terrific and prolific knit and crochet designer who has recently added some new options to her online happenings: a newsletter and a Facebook group. Learn more about both of these in this post.

Jessie At Home Newsletter

Sign up for Jessie’s newsletter here

Jessie is now offering a free newsletter. When someone signs up they will receive a series of 3 emails over the first week. The email will explain what to expect from the newsletter as well as what to expect from, including the posting schedule. The first of these newsletters will include a popular tip from her site, so you’re getting something of value right off the bat when you sign up.

The newsletters will come out once a week; currently it comes on Saturdays. It starts with a short intro, often including a bit about what’s been happening during the week with Jessie and her family. It’s a great personal touch to the newsletter and allows you to get to know the designer better. Sometimes the intro includes a teaser of things to come and it will always have a mention of things that are happening in the near future, like giveaways, so that subscribers always get that heads up and never miss out.

After the intro, the newsletter continues with some links to tutorials and supplies, most of which relate to the previous week’s pattern. That means that if you see a crochet pattern on Jessie’s site, you’re likely to get more info coming up in the newsletter to further enhance your experience of using the pattern. Next you’ll find links to all of the previous week’s posts so you don’t miss anything that might interest you. The newsletter wraps up with links to some patterns or posts from the past.

As the newsletter grows, more features may be added. Jessie says,

“I would love to hear what else subscribers would like to see in the newsletter, they can always leave me suggestions in my Facebook group or reply to the newsletters.”

Sign up for Jessie’s newsletter here

Jessie At Home Facebook Group

jessie at home Facebook group

As has been mentioned, there is also a Facebook group that you can join. The description explains,

“Welcome to your online knit and crochet group. We are a group about yarn and life! Post about your creations, and feel free to chat away as well.”

As you can see, it’s a place where you can connect with other yarn-y friends about the things that you’re making and more. There are more than 2600 members of this group. It’s a great addition to the online community and if you enjoy mingling with others in this way then it is worth checking out.

Join the Facebook group here

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