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It’s time for this week’s crochet link love, celebrating all of the inspiring beauty that this crafty community is capable of creating in just one week’s time. You’ll find more than twenty new crochet patterns this week, including great crochet heart patterns for Valentine’s Day, along with some interesting crochet history, world record breaking crochet news and more.

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Okay, on to your links!

Something Special: Donate to Charity

from the heart crochet charity drive

Elk Studio has announced the Winter 2016 “From the Heart” charity drive. It supports two different cancer centers and is accepting hats, scarves and lap blankets. Donations accepted through 3/3/16

Something Special: I Knit for Eddie


Learn more and find a free crochet hat pattern at Jimmy Beans Wool

Crochet Art

Crochet artist London Kaye won Best Booth at CHA with the yarn mural she created for Lion Brand Yarn

crochet cherry blossom flower yarnbombing art

NaomiRAG shared, “20 months. 12 projects, 3 collaborations. I just wanted to see them all together.” Beautiful yarnbombing flower art in East Harlem.

crochet fly art

Crochet fly art by Fluxx spotted thanks to Knithacker

crochet totem pole

textile artists Kally Davidson and Johanne Couldrey created the top of a crochet totem pole and asked others at The Forum in Norwich to add on to it

sardines crochet heart

Sardines on Toast in Love crochet art by Kate Jenkins

Crochet Books

mandalas to crochet book

Lazy Daisy Jones included Mandalas to Crochet: 30 Great Patterns by Haafner Linssen in her roundup of five crochet books on her wish list. Several of the books she wants on our my recommended 2016 crochet books list, although I hadn’t spotted this one yet!

crochet socks book

Danyel Pink at Happily Hooked reviewed Rohn Strong’s New Methods for Crochet Socks . She says, “the hardest thing about the book was choosing which exceptional pattern to work up first”.

Crochet Designers

featured crochet designer

Featured Crochet Designer: ACCROchet over on Chaleur Life

crochet dolls

In turn, ACCROchet featured crochet designer Karine Larose, whose “patterns are playful, sweet, colourful… and all available in French and English.”

crochet jewelry designers

Yoola shared some crochet jewelry designers to watch including Moddie Vintage whose pendant necklaces are pictured here

Crochet Fashion

crochet fashion

Renee Smith made this crochet dress and it inspired her to start her own clothing line incorporating crochet

Crochet News

chennai world record crochet

Congrats to the women of Chennai who were working on a crochet world record and have now achieved that goal. “Five crochet blankets of length 11,148 sq m was the end result achieved by the crochet queens after breaking the existing record of 3,377 sq m which was set in South Africa in April 2015.”

heart crochet scarf

Brianne Jacquette wrote an article for University of Venus titled, “Crochet, Creative Outlets and Academia“, in which she explains how learning to crochet helped her as a student. She writes, in part, “What I have learned most from crocheting is that mistakes are part of the process and that they should be embraced rather than avoided. There is a part of me that wants to get things right the first time—wants to cut the mistakes off before they even happen. This tendency has always been with me, but it has gotten worse as I have gotten older. I was even hesitant to start learning to crochet because I was nervous about being bad at it. Turns out you can’t really be bad at crochet.”

local cgoa chapter

CGOA shares how to start a local chapter; it’s real easy, requires only one active member to start and can be formal or informal

Crochet History

unravel rope history

Roving Crafters shared a really interesting history article about the hard labor of rope unraveling that was part of the life of criminals and those in poverty in Victorian England. Snippet: “if the making of rope is like spinning yarn on steroids, the un-making of rope is like untangling yarn as torture

tambour persian lace

Love Crochet looked at the history of crochet including the link to Persian lace

Crochet Patterns

crochet bear hoodie

Mother Bear Hoodie Crochet Pattern from My Recycled Bags. First you buy the bear pattern then you can use this crochet hoodie pattern for free. Cindy explains, “It is important to buy and use their patterns as this is a very vital part of the organizations funding to be able to provide love through either a crocheted or knitted bear to children in other countries that are affected by HIV/AIDS.”

crochet monkey pattern

Crochet monkey free pattern by All About Ami, created because this year is Year of the Monkey. She says of him, “He is adorably sweet with his poseable tail, arms and legs, and he is clutching on tightly to his favourite snack of all: a banana!”

valentine heart crochet hat free pattern

Valentine’s Heart crochet hat free pattern by Melody’s Makings who also has the same pattern available in a knit version. The designer shares, “Sweet-ish Subtlety is a simple design featuring beautiful hearts running up a contrasting tab of color on the side. Though this gorgeous hat is perfect for Valentine’s Day, it’s great for anytime use. Since it’s made out of thin yarn, it’s very stretchy, light-weight, and versatile.” Melody’s Makings also has a new crochet pattern for sale this week for an adorable cable bear hooded cowl.

bobble crochet hat with pom free pattern

Textured bobble hat with pom free crochet pattern by Kate Eastwood via LoveCrochet

crochet slouch hat cables pattern

Cabled crochet slouch hat pattern for sale from Glamour 4 You who says, “Don’t be afraid to make this hat if you have never tried cables before – I have included 2 videos on how to crochet the cables & how to change colors!”. This crochet pattern comes in baby, child and adult sizes.

slouchy crochet hat free pattern

Long ribbed slouchy crochet hat free pattern from Acquanetta Ferguson

crochet shell boot cuffs free pattern

Crochet shell boot cuffs free pattern from Undeniable Glitter who says, “Boot cuffs are a pretty popular trend this year, and it’s super simple to make your own!” So true!

reversible crochet cowl free pattern

Thick, quick reversible cowl free crochet pattern from Annaboo’s House

tunisian crochet skirt free pattern

Free Tunisian crochet skirt pattern from Marie of Underground Crafter who designed it with inspiration from the Melissa Stitch, found in a vintage crochet pattern book. She says of this pattern, “It makes a great first garment pattern for an adventurous beginner, but it’s interesting enough to keep a more experienced crocheter interested.” Marie also offered another free crochet pattern this week, for the Serape Shawl.

crochet accessories set pattern

Crochet accessories set patterns for sale from Kristi Simpson who explains, “This 3-in-1 set is perfect for child to adult. It has a headwrap, hat and tote included! The fun thing is that the patterns are written with the same base pattern…so when you start the headband you are also starting the hat and tote!”

Marshmallow blanket free crochet pattern by Little Things Blogged

Marshmallow blanket free crochet pattern by Little Things Blogged who shares, “I created this blanket for a little girl some time ago; every time I look at the colors I immediately fall in love!”

felted button crochet blanket pattern

Vintage Vineyard Blanket crochet pattern for sale from Felted Button who says, “You know those magical crochet projects that seem to fly from your hands as soon as you pick up your hook and yarn? This is one of those for me.”

emoji crochet blanket free pattern with pillow

Repeat Crafter Me has completed all of the individual posts so you can now have the full free crochet pattern for the Emoji graphghan crochet blanket and pillow.

crochet containers pattern for sale

Crochet storage containers in three sizes, crochet pattern for sale from Crochet Spot. “This set includes 3 cylindrical containers to crochet that have an unlimited number of uses. The small container can hold small items such as coins, paper clips, or q-tips.”

And of course with Valentine’s Day around the corner, there were lots of great crochet heart patterns this week:

small crochet heart pattern

Small crochet heart pattern from Squirrel Picnic with video tutorial so you can follow along stitch-by-stitch

small valentine's hearts free crochet pattern

Easy two-round crochet heart free pattern from Gleeful Things who says that the little pattern was inspired by the yarn itself.

crochet heart cup cozy free pattern

Crochet heart cup cozy free pattern from One Dog Woof who says, “By using half double crochet front post stitches, I could make a sort of elongated graph pattern”

ombre heart coaster free crochet pattern

Ombre heart coaster free crochet pattern by LillaBjorn – “a very simple pattern of a heart based on triangle with ombre effect.”

free crochet stuffed heart pattern

Stuffed heart free crochet pattern from The Lazy Hobbyhopper who also has an adorable ruffle heart crochet pattern

free crochet button heart pattern

Free crochet heart pattern from Stitch Story who explains, “Crocheting around elastic cord makes the center of the heart adjustable, so that you can simply slip it over a button. It is a great way to give a new look to something you already have in your wardrobe.” Such a cute idea.

Crochet Tutorials

granny square crochet free pattern

Classic Granny Square Free Crochet Pattern by Sew, Simmer and Share – a really great tutorial for making the classic crochet granny square.

crochet heart tutorial

How to crochet a heart – simple photo tutorial from Roving Crafters. I love the idea of doing the edging in a contrasting color like this, making a really simple pattern pop in a fresh way.

granny square crochet table runner

Granny square crochet table runner free photo tutorial from A Spoonful of Yarn, which incorporates two different types of squares, both of which are great for yarn scraps.

how to join as you go granny squares

How to Join as You Go Crochet Granny Squares tutorial by Sew, Simmer and Share who says, “Personally, I prefer this to whip stitching — way less ends to weave! Join-as-you-go also adds an extra layer to your granny squares, so you’re growing your afghan as you stitch it together.”

wet felt join

How to wet felt join, with video tutorial, from Jessie At Home, who shares, “The wet felt join is a great join for a feltable yarn – such as most animal fibers. It’s best used when joining the same color, as when joining a new skein of the same color, or when there is a knot in your yarn that needs to be removed.”

Crochet Tips

free online crochet calculators

Free online calculators for crochet and knitting rounded up by Roving Crafters

anatomy of a crochet pattern

Mamas2Hands shares the anatomy of a crochet pattern to help people better understand the four parts of a pattern

Other Crafty Goodness


32 Cross Stitch Tips by experts rounded up by Colour and Cotton; check out how to combine crochet and cross-stitch here

diy moon cradle project

DIY Moon Cradle Project @apttherapy using pallets and fiber board

fairy tale reading nook

A dad built this Fairy Tale Reading Nook for his daughter. Head over to Fubiz to check out all of the photo details which include lots of fairy tale features. Love it. I want one!

shredded paper dress

Shredded paper dress by Miriam Bohacova via Recyclart; this reminds me of the newspaper crochet fashion by Ivano Vitali


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