Holly's Crochet Mandala for Wink

Today for Mandalas for Marinke we’ve got two crochet mandalas made by Holly, who can be found on Instagram @yarngirl2012. One is made using a Wink crochet pattern and the other is not; they have some similarities and complement each other so well.

Holly's Crochet Mandala center detail

Holly shares,

“I started crocheting full time about five years ago. I am so hooked (haha) on this craft because it is so relaxing for me and I can take it anywhere! (I used to scrapbook – not so easy to take with you.) My mom taught me a long time ago but it never stuck until recently. It is now unusual that I go a day without crocheting. I feel like God has given me this gift of crochet and that I should use it for something good. So, when I sell items that I crochet, I donate all my profits to Courage Worldwide. They exist to take in children who have been victims of trafficking. After my daughter was born this issue took great cause to my heart.”

Holly's Crochet Mandala

Holly shares about Wink’s work:

“She had such a beautiful, creative soul. It was a pleasure to crochet up one of her mandalas; it has inspired me to start writing my own patterns soon! I also look forward to making more of Wink’s patterns. How could I not participate in this project. Wink was a fellow crocheter and creative gal! I can’t think of a better way to show support for her work and to her family.”

Holly's Crochet Mandalas

She adds,

“I have struggled for some time with anxiety / worry. I used to have anxiety attacks, some left me with numb hands, arms and legs. I have come a long way thanks to my faith in Jesus, and an amazing husband. I still have moments where worry takes over me, but I have learned to pray through it.

Crochet, or any craft really, is a way to escape and get into a relaxed zone, to escape the troubles of this world that bring you down. Where it is just you and your craft – a time to reflect and rejuvenate. You are free to be who you want to be through your craft.”

Holly's Crochet Mandala edge

And adds,

“To Wink and her family …

I am so sorry and saddened that depression took you from this world. Your creativeness will be missed more than you can know. I pray that the legacy you left behind will ring awareness to this monster called depression. To your family, I can’t express how sorry I am for your loss. This is such an unimaginable time. I pray that as you mourn your loss you will have some sort of peace and comfort, although that all may take a long time. I would give you each a giant hug if I could.”

Holly's Crochet MandalasForMarinke

Holly sells her crochet work on Etsy at Shining Light Yarn Creations. As she mentioned, the proceeds go to Courage Worldwide, an “organization founded in 2005 simply to help people find their God-given purpose. Then in 2007, a focus was given to building homes for children rescued from sex trafficking so they too had resources and the opportunity to be and do all they were created to be and do”. They have a page called “emotion” that reads, in part,

“Children who have experienced the evil of sex trafficking and complex trauma display intense and often volatile emotions. They have difficulty with self-regulation, experience chronic depressed moods, feel a sense of emptiness or deadness, have chronic suicidal preoccupation, display excessive expressions of anger, and have difficulty communicating wishes and desires. They experience dissociation, amnesia, and numbing out. They have difficulty in controlling impulses, exhibit self-destructive and aggressive behavior, find sleep unattainable, struggle with eating disorders and substance abuse, and have difficulty understanding and complying with rules and respecting those in authority. Some are sexually aggressive and have confusion over their sexual orientation. Many are suspicious and distrustful, have problems with boundaries, and are unable to attach emotionally. Low or no self-esteem is extremely common as are feelings of shame, guilt, and self-hate. They are literally drowning in emotions.”

Holly's Crochet Mandala center

This is one of the posts made in honor of Wink, in celebration of crochet mandalas and to raise depression awareness. See all Mandalas for Marinke posts here.


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