I recently showcased stunning new crochet fashion from some of my favorite designers who regularly put out collections. What wasn’t there was the stuff that’s on the runway … and I’m sharing that today because I always find it inspiring when high-end designers take the time to make custom crochet pieces to send down the catwalk.

rosetta getty crochet dress fall 2016

The two pieces that I loved the most this season were retro-inspired bulky crochet pieces from Rosetta Getty whose collection was inspired by director Chantal Akerman. Maya Singer of Vogue writes,

“fittingly for a collection indebted to the work of Akerman, the showiest piece here was also the most humble one: Getty’s crocheted alpaca cape looked for all the world like the kind of afghan your granny might knit for you because she was worried you were cold. It was a piece of fashion business that reminded you what it feels like to be loved.”

rosetta getty crochet skirt fall 2016

Other crochet on the runway:

ryan roche fall 2016 crochet dress

There were a couple of pretty dresses from Ryan Roche that were made from lovely crochet techniques

ryan roche fall 2016 red crochet dress marc jacobs fall 2016 crochet collar

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs put some fascinating looks on the runway accented by vintage-inspired crochet collars. My favorite is the pineapple lace piece below:

marc jacobs fall 2016 crochet collar pineapple lace marc jacobs autumn 2016 crochet collar pineapple lace schiuaperelli crochet fashion fall 2016

Schiaperelli shared this dress that looks to either be crochet or be inspired by it

crochet brim hat christian wijants

Christian Wijants put out a collection that included knit and crochet hats

sibling knit coat

Sibling usually has crochet in their collections. I didn’t spot any this time, as I’m pretty sure it was all knit, but I loved some of the chunky knits and thought they make great crochet inspiration.

iggy azalea crochet skirt

Iggy Azalea in crochet skirt at Paris Fashion Week; sometimes the best crochet shows up in the audience!


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  2. Absolutely love this post! It gives me the same feeling as when I watch project runway. I just get excited and passionate to make my own patterns.

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