Anonymous Serendipitous Crochet Mandala

We’re continuing on with our special, inspired, beautiful Mandalas for Marinke posts in honor of Wink. Today’s pretty flower-y contribution is an anonymous contribution with a story.

Anonymous Serendipitous Crochet Mandala for Wink

The crafter shares,

I felt drawn to contribute to Mandalas for Marinke for two reasons. First … I am new to Wink’s work and through unbelievable timing had written her an email asking how to order a pattern on the same day that she took her life. My response at learning the news was viscerally, and I immediately thought of my Mom who struggled with depression most of her life … my second reason for wanting to contribute. So … to Wink and to Mom … I hope you each have found your peace.”

Anonymous Serendipitous Crochet MandalasForMarinke

My heart tugs when I read this, as it does with so many of the messages that people have sent in to this project. I believe that having some of these messages posted throughout the Marinke art show is going to be really powerful. I have applied for some artist in residency positions that should aid the realization of the art show and expect to have more news on when and where the show will be by the end of this month.

Anonymous Crochet Mandala

If you happen to be new to these posts, here’s a bit more info:

  • This project is called Mandalas for Marinke. It is a collaborative crochet art project that people began submitting mandalas for in early summer 2015.
  • This project is created in honor of Wink, a fabulous crochet designer, known for her mandala crochet patterns, who died by suicide. Here’s her story.
  • The mandalas that are made for this project are often made using Wink’s crochet patterns. It’s a way to carry on her legacy and creativity. But that’s not a requirement. There are many other wonderful mandala crochet patterns out there now, which is great to see because they were very rare to see when Wink first started designing them.
  • You can see all Mandalas for Marinke posts here – the ones that have been posted so far anyway. I try to post one each day, along with depression awareness raising information, and I still have many more to post.

Anon Serendipitous Crochet Mandala Anonymous Crochet Mandalas


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