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This is one of the posts made in honor of Wink, in celebration of crochet mandalas and to raise depression awareness. See all Mandalas for Marinke posts here.

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This post was contributed anonymously. It’s a terrific variation on the rainbow, made primarily in rainbow colors but with moments of white and grey as well.

anonymous crochet mandala

The maker writes,

“I didn’t know Wink at all, but I’ve seen and felt the ripple effect that her life had on so many. I cannot begin to imagine the pain that her family is going through, but know that her words and her work have touched so many people. The world is a better place for having her in it.”

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“I was diagnosed with depression ten years ago. I was treated with medicine for nearly two years until I decided I was no longer happy with that choice. I transitioned off of the meds. I would love to say it’s been all sunshine and roses, but that would be a lie. Through trial and error, I discovered that the best way for me to work out / through the rough patches is arts and crafts. I is hard to explain how or even why it works but it does, and I won’t question it. I always have a project going. Always.”

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“I struggled a bit with whether or not I was going to contribute to this project. Ultimately, I did. I needed others out there going through the fight to understand that they are NOT alone. I needed them to know that they are loved. Most of all, I needed them to know that there is hope.”

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Today I wanted to share an infographic with some recommendations for natural treatments for depression. I don’t have a personal opinion on these but wanted to share that there are options that might work if you want to try to live off of medication. Make sure that you work with your support system before going off any meds.

natural depression treatments


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