A Crochet Mandala Tree for Wink

I’ve been meaning to share this for a little while, since receiving a message on Facebook from Diny Slamet. She writes:

A Crochet Mandala Tree for Wink

“I thought you might like to hear the story of my mandala tree. I am a member of the Yarn Corner yarnbombing and charity crochet/ knitting group in Melbourne, Australia. Earlier this year our group was commissioned to produce yarn bombs for Victoria Market, one of the city’s great tourist attractions and a beautiful 19th century market. I’ve always loved mandalas and particularly, Wink’s lovely patterns. So I set about making this work with the help of two other group members. Weeks into the work came the news of Wink’s tragic death. If these mandalas hadn’t been committed to this project I would have sent them to be part of your Marinke tribute. The tree became my personal tribute.”

A Crochet Mandala Tree for Wink

I am so happy to see this beautiful crochet tree, and I’m glad to know that the mandalas were put to use in this way. I am touched by each and every physical contribution to Mandalas for Marinke but I’m also touched by other projects that are only tangentially related. I believe that Wink’s out there working her magic in the world somehow. I believe that we are all connected by the threads of our love for this craft. I believe this all matters.


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