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Here is this week’s edition of crochet link love, a collection of all of the amazing things our community has shared this week. You’ll find thirty new crochet patterns, links to 60+ crochet heart patterns for Valentine’s Day, some awesome crochet art and more.

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Before we begin, a quick reminder that it would really help if you chose to support my work through Patreon. I write up link love because I believe thoroughly in the importance of sharing the beauty of what’s happening in the crochet community, letting people who want to know about new patterns and art get connected with the amazing designers and artists who make it happen. I love doing this. But I won’t lie; it takes hours and hours each week. As do my Instagram highlights, my themed pattern roundups and my posts that delve into the history of crochet. I believe immensely in sharing this work but it’s also costly in time and I’m trying to find a viable way to keep this up after five years of doing it essentially for free. So my solution is Patreon. If you believe in this work and enjoy the links and are in a position to give a $10, $5 or even $1 monthly donation you can make a huge difference in whether or not this work continues. Support Crochet Concupiscence here.

Something Special: Crochet Afghans for Red Cross

crochet afghan pattern for red cross

Red Heart Yarns has teamed up with Red Cross to create the StitchAHug campaign, through which they’ve donated money to Red Heart and also created free knit and crochet blanket patterns that you can use to crochet blankets and donate to The Red Cross. These are given to people in need in times of disaster. Related: If and How We Can Respond to Tragedies with Handmade Items.

There’s more to it than this, too. They share,

“There’s a new Facebook group you may be interested in, focused on crocheting and knitting items for charity. It’s called Stitch a Hug with Red Heart, and everyone is welcome to join. We’ll be sharing our progress as we make items for charity. Whether your crochet or knit, are making things by yourself or as part of a group, are making up patterns or following patterns, you are welcome to join! Share your works in progress and your finished items, and pattern ideas and recommendations, and your stories of making things for others.”

Something Special: Crochet 101 on Kickstarter

crochet 101

Louie’s Loops is launching a Crochet 101 multimedia website and kit to teach beginners how to crochet. This is going to be offered as a free resource. There’s a Kickstarter happening to support that. Rewards including early access to the site, ebooks and books, crochet items, crochet patterns and more.

Crochet Art

kukukolki crochet art dolls

Little Treasures has been showcasing the work of other great crochet artists on her blog and this week she shared Kukolki, who I adore and have featured previously in my roundup of unique crochet dolls

crochet fiber self portrait

Beautiful crochet / fiber self-portrait from ReveDreams

crochet flower art

Crochet flowers on canvas, art shared by My Experiments with Needle n Thread

nathan vincent crochet dinosaur art

Crochet artist Nathan Vincent‘s “work will be a part of an exhibit at the Children’s Museum of the Arts”. The press release says in part, “Often connecting significant personal and cultural narratives, the artists in “Sew What?” move across temporal and spatial boundaries, connecting old and new ideas, just as they provide important links between people, places and ways of life. Bringing together a diverse range of contemporary works, “Sew What?” celebrates the ways in which contemporary artists explore and extend the textile and fiber medium.” He also has upcoming work in Ketchum, ID in an exhibit about gender identity.

led lit crochet cactus

LED lit crochet cactus by Pimp Ta Life via Knithacker; find crochet cacti patterns here

Crochet Books

beginner's guide to crochet

CrochetKitten has combined all of her beginner’s guide to crochet tutorials along with two of her beginner crochet patterns into a PDF download available on Ravelry. CrochetKitten also did a post this week on CGOA about what it’s like to be a CGOA member.

Crochet Designers

super bulky crochet hooks

Steel & Stitch shares 3 difficult parts about being a “cro-pro” or crochet professional and explains why she enjoys doing this work anyway.

Crochet Fashion

iggy azalea crochet skirt

Iggy Azalea in crochet skirt at Paris Fashion Week

Crochet Health

hook to heal cover

A huge thanks to Tamara over at Crafty Escapism for her terrific review of Hook to Heal. I really love that when she notes that some exercise provoke her to immediately think: “Oh no, I don’t want to try that. Even the thought of it makes me feel uncomfortable. Why am I feeling so uncomfortable? I must examine this further.” That’s exactly the kind of inner work I hoped to inspire with this book. Of course, not all of the exercises will be for everyone but looking at why you react the way you do is healing in itself.

Crochet News

crochet baby items

Mamaria sisters’ stall at Amerat Park sells hand-crafted crochet baby items (and a few items for adults). The girls learned to crochet from their mother, launched their craft business when they started college and now have half a dozen other crocheters working with them.

bag full of crochet

A Bag Full of Crochet has launched a crochet video podcast. People are really wanting crochet podcasts right now and she’s done a great job with her first episode. This is mostly crochet, with just a bit of knitting here and there, showcasing the work that she’s done and some tips and tricks in the craft along with resources, etc. Another new audio podcast will be coming out soon, too; not sure if it’s been announced anywhere so I won’t say more but it comes out the first week of February and I’ll let you know more when I do.

woman driving with crochet

Oh no. Video here (not in English).

crochet needle in eye

Eek! A child in China got a crochet hook in her eye that pierced her brain. Luckily she’s okay although obviously in the hospital. Gross crochet injuries are unfortunately not entirely uncommon.

Crochet Patterns

crochet chunky floor rug free pattern

Chunky cotton crochet rug free pattern from RedAgape who says, “The beautiful thing about this yarn is that it is 100% cotton and so soft! It is an easy project to complete on the weekend as this chunky yarn works up quite quickly. This rug can be used as a little floor rug, a lap blanket or even as a fancy bath mat.”

floral ear muffs free crochet pattern

Stunning! Floral ear muffs free crochet pattern from LillaBjornCrochet who explains, “You can use scraps of yarn in different colors to make them. You can give a new life to your headphones. You can wear these ear muffs in winter and also in spring or summer.” By the way, she also had a great post recently on reasons to make a crochet mandala.

grahame's gorget crochet pattern

Grahame’s Gorget crochet pattern for sale from Laurinda Reddig who originally designed it for one of the FicStitches Kit Clubs, which combine yarn, literature and crochet patterns in subscription boxes.

crochet pullover pattern

Crochet pullover pattern for sale from Gleeful Things

button cowl crochet pattern

Katie Button Cowl free crochet pattern from Rescued Paw Designs. This is a super bulky weight beginner crochet pattern that can be worked up in a single sitting.

thai crochet cowl free pattern

Thai crochet cowl free pattern from Not Your Average Crochet who shares, “This awesome floral cowl is made of a bunch of crocheted puffs, all interlinked in a specific way. It’s super cozy and warm.”

crochet wrap free pattern

Coral Sea Scarf and Wrap free crochet pattern by Hopeful Honey who muses, “There’s nothing better than being able to wrap up in something extra cosy on an especially chilly evening!”

kravitz scarf crochet pattern

Kravitz scarf crochet pattern for sale from ACCROchet who says, “As much as he was made fun of for it at the time, the iconic picture of Lenny Kravitz wearing a humongous scarf has stuck with me.”

color block cowl crochet pattern

Color block cowl free crochet pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet who loves to wear greys but wanted a way to inject some more color into her wardrobe.

super simple tube wrap free crochet pattern

Nettie’s Super Simple Tube Wrap free crochet pattern from Jessie At Home who says, “Made with 2 strands of Lion Brand Heartland, the color changes melt into each other to create a stunning gradient.” This free crochet wrap pattern includes a video tutorial.

granny crochet cowl free pattern

Lily’s Sweetheart cowl free crochet pattern from SCCelinaLane who says, “It’s one of those pieces you just know someone is going to love every little bit about it and I can attest that Lily loves it!”

free crochet rib scarf pattern

Bulky faux mistake rib scarf free crochet pattern from Marie of Underground Crafter who says, “With the bulky, self-striping yarn and the easy stitch pattern, the scarf came together in no time.” Marie also has another new free crochet pattern for a simple spiral beanie hat.

crochet scarf with pockets free pattern

Scarf with pockets free crochet pattern by Crochet from J, “a 20-something year old who loves to crochet and spend time with her guinea pigs” who says, “Completing the stitches in the back loop of the stitch creates the texture in this scarf. This scarf is a great pattern for beginners as you only have to know a couple stitches. It’s a quick, mindless project once you get going.”

oversized infinity scarf crochet pattern

Oversized infinity lace crochet scarf pattern for sale from OlgasCrochet Frenzy. She also has a beautiful new free crochet blanket pattern this week.

free crochet headband pattern

Braided headband free crochet pattern by Glamour 4 You available in two sizes (child and adult) and adaptable to other sizes by decreasing or increasing rows. This unique crochet pattern shares an original stitch called Front Post Triple Twist.

buttoned crochet baby boots

Buttoned crochet baby boots pattern for sale form Mon Petit Violon

crochet baby booties

Ice Cream Swirl crochet baby booties pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey who shares the memory that inspired this pattern, “One of my fondest memories growing up was waiting for the ice cream truck in anticipation every Wednesday afternoon.”

reversible crochet pattern

Two reversible crochet patterns for sale from Spincushions. She notes that these stitch patterns are great for a variety of projects where you’re going to see both sides of the item including washcloths, scarves and blankets. Reversible crochet is a great option to add to your crochet toolbox, and there are even a few exercises in my book, Hook to Heal, that recommend trying it.

crochet blanket pattern

Candy Floss mini blanket crochet pattern for sale from Lazy Hobbyhopper who says, “The pattern is very easy and the squares are joined on the go.”

vstitch scraps crochet blanket pattern

Scrappy Happy V-stitch Crochet Blanket Pattern for sale from My Rose Valley who says, “This is not “just” a V-stitch blanket, this blanket is so much more and not so predictable to make as it might appear.”

crochet blanket pattern

Cabbage Rose Blanket crochet pattern for sale from Sheila Z who says that this reversible crochet pattern features 3d roses on fleece on one side and crochet on the other side. Beautiful and smart.

crochet flower necklace pattern

Crochet and taffeta roses necklace pattern for sale from Little Treasures

Love Wiggles crochet trivet free pattern

Love Wiggles trivet free crochet pattern from Moogly

vintage red doily free crochet pattern

Vintage red doily free crochet pattern from Lacy Crochet who suggests that it’s a great crochet pattern for Valentine’s crafting.

emoji crochet square free pattern

Repeat Crafter Me is sharing her free crochet patterns for corner to corner pixel graph emojis; this one is the Blowing Kiss emoji blanket square and she also has the embarrassed emoji and smiley face emoji this week among others

crochet heart cup cozy free pattern

Crochet heart cup cozy free pattern from fiberflux

crochet heart free pattern

Crochet heart motif free pattern from Meladora’s Creations. It’s that time of year when we are seeing a lot of great heart crochet patterns, so I thought I’d share some previous roundups if you’re looking for these:

Crochet Tutorials

basketweave crochet

Ultimate Guide to Basketweave Crochet @redheartyarns including variations on the traditional 4×4 square

crochet roving

How to Crochet Roving: “Roving is the thick wool or fiber that yarn spinners use to create the many different types of beautiful yarn that crocheters use. You can buy roving in yarn stores and at fiber festivals. And if you want to, you can crochet with it just the way that it is. Here you’ll find tips, info and links to several roving crochet patterns.”

crochet mandalas in the works vercillo

Understanding the parts of a crochet project and tips for enjoying each aspect a little bit more.

how to crochet a circle

How to crochet a circle by That Girl Who Crochets who says, “A circle pattern is super handy to have! You can make coasters, blankets, placemats, and design motifs simply but adding more rows.” So true.

woven stitch crochet tutorial

Woven stitch crochet tutorial in both written and video format from BHooked Crochet

hdc herringbone crochet

How to increase and decrease in hdc herringbone crochet stitch from Moogly, with video tutorials

crochet ribbing

5 ways to crochet ribbing from Beautiful Crochet Stuff including crochet video tutorials

how to join granny squares

Happy in Red shares links to different options for joining granny squares (and other crochet squares) including tips from My Rose Valley, Petals to Picots, Look at What I Made and Aurelia’s Little Room.

crochet beaded rope

How to Crochet Beaded Rope from Crochet Spot

Crochet Tips

micro thread crochet hearts by pamela

How to Crochet: Tips, Hints and Tips for all of The Parts of a Crochet Project. Suggestions for how to improve your crochet experience no matter what stage of the project is your favorite. Hearts pictured are by Pamela.

knit and crochet terms

Knit and Crochet Terms Explained via Roving Crafters. This includes free downloadable, printable versions so you can always have a copy to check what those different abbreviations in a pattern might mean.

Other Crochet Inspiration

memoryheartday crochet heart vercillo

Valentine’s Craft Idea: Swap beloved hobbies with your partner. Show interest in each other’s worlds; you share your crochet and engage in something your partner loves. This is a Hook to Heal creativity exercise.

back loop only crochet mandala vercillo

50 ways to describe crochet … a list of the words used by crafters to describe crochet and its benefits. You’ll also find the most popular descriptions and the most original ones!


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