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In this week’s edition of link love, you’ll find links to more than sixty crochet patterns. You’ll notice that crochet necklace patterns seem to be trending this week. And you’ll find lots of other goodies including links to crochet designer interviews, tips for crochet design, thoughts on washing your handmade wearables and more. Enjoy!

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Crochet Art

david bowie and alan rickman

David Bowie and Alan Rickman amigurumi crochet tribute by Anamaria Androne. The article is annoying in that it talks down about crochet but the work of the artist itself is really cute and I’m glad it got featured.

doily dreamcatcher wall art

Little Treasures did a roundup of creative ways to use doilies including the one pictured here, which was originally a DIY from A Beautiful Mess. See more creative doily ideas here.

irish crochet art patterns

Poppy flower and fern Irish crochet motifs wall art patterns for sale from Outstanding Crochet

crochet sausage art

Crochet sausage art by Kate Jenkins who made this piece a few years back but has created new prints of it for sale.

Crochet Books

2016 crochet books

Ultimate 2016 Crochet Book Buying Guide – the hottest new and upcoming titles to add to your wish list. This list (which I created over at includes Cold Weather Crochet by Marly Bird, which was reviewed this week by Marty Miller.

broomstick lace crochet book

Cute Crochet Chat reviewed Broomstick Lace Crochet

Crochet Designers

crochet sheep blanket

Crochet designer profile and free pattern roundup of Sarah from Repeat Crafter Me, one of my favorite creative crochet designers, especially in all that she makes for babies and children. One thing that she’s really great at is creating pattern sets – like a set of animal appliqués, one for each letter of the alphabet and her set of Christmas squares for a blanket. Right now she’s started a new set and I love it – C2C crochet square and pixel graph emojis for a blanket! And actually, she also had another great free crochet pattern this week for a bulky hat and mittens crochet set.

twinkie chan crochet

Twinkie Chan crochet interview by Danyel Pink and Salena Baca at Happily Hooked. They begin, “We called the fashion food queen, Twinkie Chan, and she gave us the scoop (Haha, get it?) on mastering the art of amigurumi, and how to pull off these sweet and savory accessories.”

lucy collin crochet designer interview

Keep Calm and Crochet On UK did a crochet designer interview of Lucy Collin aka Lucy Ravenscar, the designer/ author of Hollywood Crochet and Star Wars Crochet.

make it for me crochet

Jessie At Home shared the Make It For Me crochet month events that ElkStudio has been doing and mentioned that this includes a directory of crochet patterns created for people who are seeking to make things just for themselves. Crocheting for yourself is one of the exercise in my “self-care” chapter in Hook to Heal.

writing a crochet pattern

Illuminate Crochet wrote a really solid article with information on how to write a good indie crochet pattern. Notably she also did a great article this week on intuitive crochet.

Crochet Fashion

croche blanket coat

Fashion Blog The DeBrief says that the crochet blanket coat is back in style after spotting one on Gigi Hadid

Crochet Health

heart yarn

Phyllis Alberici shared, “Last Spring, when my life had been turned upside down by illness, I wrote about finding color and life in a timeless craft, knitting. Forgive me if I say it again: it’s incredible to see color flow through your fingers, to turn a length of string into wearable art. Green became my color, the color of Hope. Red because it’s the color of blood and the heart and life. All those things I wished for: hope, a healed broken heart, and another chance at life.”

crocheting hands

Roving Crafters shared a great article called Stitching It Together that discusses what friendship is, especially for women, how a crafting group can help provide that friendship and how to go about joining one.

Crochet News

crochet in turkey

Happy In Red shared some photos showcasing crochet inspiration in Turkey. She shares in part, “It really warms my heart to see the ladies making one of my favorites, a ripple stitch blankets. Thouhg they don’t seem to use DC’s, but rather SC’s I think. Whoah, lots of work that.”

little box of crochet

Annaboo’s House told us more about Little Box of Crochet, which we first learned about here in last week’s link love roundup

Crochet Patterns

feather and fan crochet top

10 Free Valentine’s Crochet Patterns: Clothing and Accessories for Adults; pictured: Feather and Fan Top by Rebecca Averill

roses crochet necklace pattern

Winter roses necklace crochet pattern for sale from Little Treasures who shares, “Again, what I am building as my signature piece – a Mori inspired necklace. For this one I used a bluish grey Irish roses and taffeta rosettes sprinkled with pearls. I wanted to capture the very essence of the Mori style and aesthetic.”

beaded chain crochet necklace pattern

Beaded chain crochet necklace free pattern from Andee Graves who says, “It’s a very simple project to crochet, but does take a bit of coordination.”

crochet choker necklace pattern

Celtic choker necklace crochet pattern for sale from Outstanding Crochet

crochet necklace free pattern

Loopy necklace free crochet pattern from [email protected]

anatomical crochet heart free pattern

10 Most Unique Free Crochet Heart Patterns; pictured: Anatomical crochet heart free pattern from Louie’s Loops

crochet squirrel free patterns

10 Most Adorable Free Crochet Squirrel Patterns including the one pictured by SquirrelPicnic, whose upcoming book The Big Acorn Race looks like it’s going to be a great choice for people who like storytelling, squirrels and crochet.

amigurumi crochet horse free pattern

Amigurumi crochet horse free pattern from Colour and Cotton who says, “This crochet horse pattern is super easy and provides so many options for customization depending on which colors you choose.”

crochet animal hats free pattern

Bear-ear crochet hats free pattern by Kate Eastwood on LoveCrochet. These are designed for newborns through age 2, although they’d look super cute on older kids if you’re able to adapt your sizing.

tunisian crochet cowl free pattern

Tunisian crochet cowl free pattern from One Dog Woof who says, “It’s almost un-crochet-like, and yet, not quite knit-like either. The front and the back both have a great feel and texture.” This crochet blogger also offers another new pattern this week: a ribbed pom crochet beanie free pattern.

crochet muff free pattern

Easy crochet muff free pattern from Little Treasures

free crochet wrap pattern

Free crochet wrap / scarf pattern from Sue Pinner; beautiful unique fringe isn’t it?!

crochet skirt free pattern

Looped in Love free crochet skirt pattern from Jessie At Home who shared, “The Looped in Love Skirt was inspired by my Dragon Wing Scarf. I love the way the increases work within the Jacob’s Ladder Stitch, and it just screamed “make me a flared skirt!!” I learned a long time ago, when a yarn or stitch pattern talks to me, it’s in my best interest to listen. So here it is, a fun skirt for all ages that flares between vertical sections of looped stitches. It’s made from the top down, so it can be made to any length that suits your fancy. The longer the skirt, the more yarn it will take.”

poncho crochet free pattern

Colorful poncho free crochet pattern from Meladora’s Creations. This pattern, which uses the winsome stitch, is available as a written crochet pattern and also with right and left handed video instruction.

baby vest free crochet pattern

Baby vest free crochet pattern from Annemarie’s Haakblog

crochet sleeper hat pattern

Warm and cozy “sleeping Nancy” hat crochet pattern new from ACCROchet who also has a second crochet pattern for sale this week for a different hat called Snow Angel. Both are cute hats sized child to adult.

vintage hat crochet pattern

Lilac and Lace vintage-inspired crochet hat pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey who shares, “This hat was designed with the swinging 1920’s in mind, making it the perfect accessory for layering throughout all the seasons”.

tartan cushion crochet pattern

Tartan cushion crochet pattern for sale from Little Doolally via LoveCrochet. The designer says it was “Inspired by the summer sky, picnics and lazy afternoons”. Cozy and cute!

crochet scarf free pattern

One-skein crochet scarf free pattern by Underground Crafter using Lion Brand Scarfie bulky yarn and a stitch she calls “pebble stitch” that works really well asa men’s or unisex crochet scarf.

t-shirt yarn rag rug

Crochet t-shirt yarn rag rug fre pattern by Lindsay Obermeyer in conjunction “with the young company Cotopaxi on developing this blog post. Their mission is sustainability and the repurposing of materials into great outdoor gear”. This unique crochet pattern uses yarn that is crocheted over the t-shirt yarn for a great texture.

thread crochet kite motif free pattern

Irish crochet kite motif thread crochet free pattern from Ann Reillet who worked it with a 1.3 mm crochet hook and size 20 thread.

crochet headband free pattern

Twisted headband free crochet pattern from Mama in a Stitch who created it in moss stitch but lets beginners know that you could get a similar item using just single crochet stitch if that’s all that you know so far.

stargazer crochet blanket pattern

Stargazer crochet blanket pattern for sale from Amanda Perkins; this is a sister blanket to a beautiful crochet blanket she designed about a year and a half ago. All of her work is stunning.

colorful crochet blanket pattern

Chromatic cobbles blanket crochet pattern for sale from Felted Button – also part of Design Wars. Designer Susan shares, “In typical Felted Button style, I designed a blanket with loads of texture and a chromatic flow of rainbow hues. It can be made to any size you wish, too.”

crochet flower granny square free pattern

3d crochet flower granny square free pattern from Repeat Crafter Me, which she designed for the 3rd annual Moogly Afghan Block CAL.

crochet square free pattern

6″ square free crochet pattern by Moogly who encourages you to mix and match it with other crochet squares when you make things. Moogly also has a great crochet pattern for sale this week called the Garden Arches Babyghan.

Crochet Tutorials

ripple stitch free crochet tutorial

Easy ripple stitch free crochet tutorial from Hopeful Honey who says, “It’s rolling lines remind me of waves gently crashing on the shore, which makes this stitch very pleasing to the eye.”

crochet post stitches

How to crochet front and back post stitches via Beautiful Crochet Stuff

Crochet Tips

beginner crocheters

B.hooked shared 10 Things Every New Crocheter Should Know including the basic stitches, the ways to learn crochet, the difference in US and UK crochet terms and more. Smart stuff.


How to Store, Wear and Launder your crochet clothing to keep it lasting a long time via Happily Hooked. WEBS also offered some tips this week for laundering handmade fiber items.

vintage filet crochet WWI flag

Five beginner tips for your first filet crochet piece via Crochet Spot; pictured: vintage filet crochet flag

Yarn Things

yarn scraps

Creative uses for leftover yarn ends by Colour and Cotton

Other Crafty Stuff

tassel wall hanging

How to Make a Tassel Wall Hanging via Mollie Makes


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