dec jan crochet mandalas for marinke

Mandalas for Marinke is a collaborative crochet art project. People have sent in so many beautiful contributions, and I’ve been posting them almost daily (although I took some time off in December because it was such a busy month). Each post includes the mandala, any messages the maker shared, and some depression awareness raising information. Here’s a roundup of the posts that went live on the blog in December and January, in case you missed any … or just want to enjoy seeing them all in one place!

Free Mandala Crochet Patterns

First we’ve got a couple of free crochet mini mandala patterns that were featured this month. I’ve re-opened submissions specifically for mini-mandalas. Be sure to read the details here.

crochet mini mandala free pattern

Pink Mambo’s Crochet Mini Mandala Free Pattern

crochet_off crochet mandala

Gzhel Mini Mandala Free Crochet Pattern … and roundup of many mini mandalas

Crochet Mandalas Exhibit

mandalas for marinke crochet day of the dead exhibit

A few of the mandalas were also featured in a crochet art exhibit.

More Crochet Mandalas

kate crochet mandalasformarinke

Kate’s Crochet Mandala Bracelet

christina crochet mandalas for marinke

Christina’s Crochet Mandala + New Depression Screening Recommendations

anonymous crochet mandalas

Anonymous Crochet Mandala from Australia + The Grey Color of Depression

maddys crochet mandalas for marinke

Maddy’s Crochet Mandala + Depression in Children of Divorce

Gwynneth crochet mandalas for marinke

Gwynneth’s Crochet Mandalas for Marinke

Janice Butterfly Peacock Crochet Mandala

Janice’s Butterfly Peacock Crochet Mandala + Memoir: The Beautiful Unseen

shelley crochet mandalas

Shelley’s Crochet Mandala Rugs

Felicia's Crochet Mandala

Felicia’s Crochet Mandala + Depression in Prostitution

Jen's Crochet Mandala

Jen’s Pretty Pale Crochet Mandala and Her Story of the Healing of Crochet

caroline's crochet mandalas for marinke

Caroline’s Crochet Mandala + Obesity and Depression

sarah watson crochet mandalasformarinke

Sarah’s Crochet Mandalas + Longform Depression Articles on Medium

CrochetKitten's Crochet MandalasforMarinke

CrochetKitten’s Crochet Mandalas + Isolation in Depression

ash crochet mandala

Ash’s Crochet Mandala and Grief When Celebrities Die

Wendy's Crochet Mandala for Wink

Wendy’s Crochet Mandala + Professionals with Depression

emily z crochet mandalas for marinke

Emily Z’s Crochet Mandala and Crochet Heals Story

Lauren Crochet MandalaForMarinke

Lauren’s Crochet Mandala and An Artist With Depression

Hannah M's Crochet Mandala

Hannah M’s Crochet Mandala

pauline crochet mandalas for marinke

Pauline’s Crochet Mandalas for Marinke

Cindy's Crochet Mandala

Cindy’s Crochet Mandala + Suicide in Schools

wendy seddon crochet mandalasformarinke set

Wendy’s Crochet Mandalas + Depression vs Sadness

Anonymous Crochet Mandala and Mini-Mandala

Anonymous Crochet Mandala and Mini Mandala

jenniesyarnshop crochet mandalasformarinke

50 Beautiful Crochet Mandalas for Marinke by Jennie’s Yarn Shop!

angelas crochet mandalas for marinke

Angela’s Crochet Mandala + Native American Youth Suicides

kathryn olsons crochet mandalasformarinke detail

Kathryn Olson’s Crochet Mandala + Resilience for Overcoming Depression

Susana's Crochet MandalasForMarinke

Susana’s Crochet Mandala + San Francisco Mental Health in Jails

helene crochet mandalasformarinke

Helene’s Crochet Mandala + Mental Health Among Entrepreneurs

lhizz crochet mandalas for marinke detail

Lhizz’s Crochet Mandala + Wink’s Crochet Mandala Book

Ana Sudy's Crochet Mandalas for Marinke

Ana Sudy’s Crochet Mandalas for Marinke + Thoughts On Richard Brautigan

annelie crochet mandalasformarinke

Annelie’s Crochet Mandalas

patty simpson crochet mandalasformarinke

Patty Simpson’s Crochet Mandala + Aspartame May Increase Depression

daniellajoe crochet mandalas for marinke

DaniellaJoe’s Crochet Mandala


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