Gwynneth crochet mandalas for marinke

Today’s crochet mandalas come from Gwynneth in the UK. There’s a large 12-round standard crochet mandala made using Wink’s pattern. There are also three beautiful colorful mini mandalas; ombre coasters that are now mandala designs. Remember that mini mandalas are still being accepted for the project.

Gwynneth crochet mini mandalas for marinke

I’m still fighting off this nasty cold today so I’m going to keep today’s post brief and photo-rich. I did want to share a link to a study that shows that “poverty may alter the wiring of kids’ brains” in a way that links to depression. This is not a perfect study and more information definitely needs to be gathered but it’s an interesting read.

What I would suspect is that it’s not poverty, per se, that causes the issue but the stressors that often accompany the environment of poverty. I’d be interested in additional research into those stressors and into positive ways to mitigate those stressors to reduce this issue. I’d also be interested in research to discover if it’s possible for us to rewire our brains later on, as we become adults dealing with our childhood issues, in a way that repairs some of the damage. All thoughts to muse upon.

Gwynneth crochet mandalasformarinke Gwynneth crochet mandala Gwynneth crochet mandalas for marinke - detail Gwynneth's crochet mandalas for marinke Gwynneth crochet mandala edges Gwynneth crochet mandala center Gwynneth crochet mandalas for wink Gwynneth crochet mandalas

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