I had a wonderful holiday vacation with my family, enjoying my new rescue pup and being mostly offline. I’ve returned home and am slowly getting started with the new year. Mandalas for Marinke posts resume tomorrow and then it’ll be mostly back to normal around here!

My Crochet Word of The Year

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To start things off today, I wanted to share my “crochet word of the year”. I like the idea that’s floated around for awhile of picking a one word theme of the year, and it goes really well with all of the creativity work I’ve done through writing and using my new book Hook to Heal.

My word for this year is HEARTBEAT. It just feels like the right word for so many reasons, for where I’m at in my work and my life and my personal growth and my relationship. It’s vague enough to allow flexibility and important enough to be something I can come back to again and again. It’s of my body and unique to me, and it’s also what makes me the same as every other creature in the world.

As it relates to crochet, HEARTBEAT for me means:

  • Being true to my heart in all areas of my creativity, hearing what the beat of my heart is trying to tell me
  • Crocheting mindfully; I haven’t created any exercises that are specific to meditating with a heartbeat but I’m going to work on developing some for this year!
  • Giving to others through my crochet and my writing about crochet
  • Practicing moments of micro crochet; incorporating crochet into small bits of my day here and there for relaxation; (crocheting for just a heartbeat!)

I checked the definition of “heartbeat” online and found that there’s one definition I didn’t expect: “the vital center or driving impulse”. I’m musing upon how that specifically relates to my crochet goals, beyond the obvious of crochet being the driving impulse of my creative work.

I also plan to crochet lots of different hearts and perhaps make a crochet art piece representative of a human heartbeat. <3

Other Crochet Words

I asked on Instagram what others are inspired to use as their word of the year and got some amazing responses:

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Crochet Question of the Day


This question was the first #crochetquestionoftheday in the new year. I post these daily on Instagram and really, really love seeing everyone’s responses. I’d be thrilled if you follow me on Instagram and join in! I do try to cross-post them to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest but I’m not always consistent about it so Instagram is the best place to join the fun!


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  1. Get out of my comfort zone, keep donating warm hats, keep up on promised projects, focus, focus, focus!

  2. Marie/Underground Crafter Reply

    Happy New Year! I love this, and heartbeat is a great word. Mine is color – I want to use a wider range of colors this year.

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  4. Stephanie B. Reply

    Mine is complete as in I have so many wips my resolution this year is to complete them all.

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  6. Hello Kathryn, Thank you for sharing everything that you do, you have truly helped start a journey I would have never dreamed of doing a year ago. This journey has just started but I cnat wait to see where is takes me. Crochet has truly saved my life!!



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