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As many of you know, the daily Mandalas for Marinke project posts went on hold for much of December as I got busy with my new rescue dog and fabulous holiday travels. They’re back now and I wanted to kick things off with a terrific free mini mandala crochet pattern offered to us by Carolyn Christmas of Pink Mambo.

Brand new Mandalas for Marinke deadline: 4/30/15!!! Details below.

More Mini Mandalas for Marinke Now Being Accepted!

General submissions for the Mandalas for Marinke project have already closed. However, I’ve decided to re-open submissions for anyone who wishes to send in mini-mandalas. These mini-mandalas will be handed out as gifts of love and support to anyone who feels like they need the love of a handmade creation. They will be passed out at the Mandalas For Marinke art show, which I’m aiming to have take place in May although that may vary depending on the results of my artist-in-residency applications. They will also occasionally be made available through the mail. The idea here is that anyone can show the beauty of connectedness by making and donating a mini mandala to be sent to someone else.

Purpose of these Mandalas

These crochet mini mandalas are something that can be handed out at the art exhibit, passed along to others in person and by mail, gifted as needed to the many, many people I encounter who are trying to hook their way to healing. When someone holds a little gift in their hands that they know was made by hand with this specific intent in mind, the energy from that item can help. Your colorful yarn work can pull someone through the darkness of a bad day. And I find that making these for others can be healing as well. My post about pocket prayer shawls offers more thoughts on this.

I hope that Marinke would be happy to know that her mandalas inspired the project in her honor and that the project has been extended in this way to reach even more people.

Details, FAQ, Guidelines

Here are the things that you need to know if you’re interested in sending in mini mandalas for the project:

  • You may send any amount that you want – just one or many many.
  • You may use this free mini mandala crochet pattern by Carolyn or any other pattern of your choosing. There isn’t a specific size requirement but think coaster-sized.
  • You may send them as is, you may add a tag with your name on it or you may add a written tag with a message of hope (“stay strong”, for example; see Fran’s hearts for ideas of messages).
  • You can send these in whether or not you submitted to the original project. If you wanted to but didn’t have the chance to meet the previous deadline, this can be your chance. If you already submitted but desire to share more, that’s great too.
  • These mini mandala submissions may or may not be showcased here on the blog. All of the original submissions will get their own daily post here on the blog along with depression awareness information. I’d like to showcase the mini mandalas as well, but this project has been a HUGE undertaking and I don’t want to overcommit myself to something I’m not sure I can do. So I guarantee that they’ll be part of the project but can’t guarantee at this time that they’ll get onto the blog.
  • Likewise, these mini mandalas may not make it into the art book. There will be a book that accompanies the art show – similar to an art museum exhibit program. These mini-mandalas may or may not make it into the book.
  • Many will be featured in the art show but some may be given to people in need prior to that.
  • Some of these mini mandalas may be used in an art yarnbombing to raise awareness for depression. No specific plans yet but I like the idea of doing that to keep spreading the message and sharing Marinke’s legacy.
  • The new deadline is April 30, 2016. Get all items postmarked by then! Get more details here and shipping info here.

Note that you are welcome to send larger mandalas, including mandala rugs, which will be included in the project and future exhibits but likewise may or may not get included in the blog and book project.

A huge thanks to Carolyn Christmas for offering us her free pattern.


San Francisco based and crochet-obsessed writer, dreamer and creative spirit!


  1. Roseanne Salyer Reply

    Doing a similar thing Peyton Hearts Project. The crocheted hearts have tags with positive messages and a request to take a picture when you find one and post on social media sites listed on the tags. There are people all over the U.S. and countries around the world who crochet them and leave in places where they will be found. The response has been phenomenal.
    I bought Hook to Heal the other day. I haven’t had a chance to start, will be happy to leave a review when I do. Thank you so much for all you do. Before I knew who you were, I thought I was weird because crocheting made my life better. Roseanne

    • Kathryn Reply

      Thanks so much Roseanne. I really hope that you get something out of the book. Peyton’s Hearts is an amazing, inspiring project –

  2. Roseanne Salyer Reply

    I guess I should have mentioned that Peyton’s Hearts was started by a woman who heard David James talk about losing his son, Peyton, to suicide last year.

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