Crochet scarves and cowls are among my personal favorite items to make. There are a million designs from the simplest to the most intricate and they can be created for people of all ages and sizes and styles. Here are more than fifty new crochet patterns for scarves, cowls and neckwear galore.

free crochet cowls pattern

Mommy and Me Infinite Twilight Cowls free crochet pattern; this is a wonderful crochet pattern on its own or to make as a set for mom and daughter

crochet cowl pattern

Self-striping cowl crochet pattern for sale from Gleeful Things – done half in vertical stripes and half in horizontal stripes for a two-in-one look

crochet cowl free pattern

skyscraper cowl free crochet pattern from Bhooked; utilizing a fabulous combination of stitches and color!

crochet cowl pattern

Crochet cowl free pattern from Marly Bird. I love that it not only uses front and back post stitches but also front and back cluster stitches!

julie_accrochet crochet rainbow pattern

Convertible rainbow cowl hat crochet pattern for sale from ACCROchet; rainbows and convertible – what more could you ask for?!

crochet fall scarf free pattern

Crochet fall scarf free pattern from Rescued Paw who has made several really cozy neckwear crochet patterns recently as you’ll see throughout this post

Macchiato free crochet cowl pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet; what a terrific use of ombre!

rainbow shawl free crochet pattern

Rainbow shawlette free crochet pattern from Marie of Underground Crafter who always brings us wonderful crochet patterns

crochet infinity scarf free pattern

Lacy chevron infinity scarf free crochet pattern from Undeniable Glitter

cabled crochet neck wrap pattern

Chunky cabled crochet neck wrap pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey, another terrific designer who has several new pieces showcased throughout this roundup

braided crochet cowl free pattern

Braided crochet cowl free pattern from My Hobby is Crochet; this is one of my favorite chunky crochet cowls ever!

chunky crochet cowl free pattern

Jumbo Triple Luxe cowl free crochet pattern from All About Ami – coziness made with chunky yarn!

chunky crochet flower scarf

Chunky crochet flower scarf free pattern from Atty’s; warm enough for winter and floral enough for spring!

crochet scarf pattern for sale

Crochet scarf pattern for sale from Little Treasures – a delightful choice that shows off the color in anyone’s eyes!

ribbed crochet scarf pattern

Ribbed crochet scarf free pattern from Hopeful Honey, made using camel stitch which isn’t a stitch that we see too often and it’s a fun one to play with

free crochet cowl pattern

Apple Crisp crochet cowl pattern free from Little Monkeys Crochet who you’ll notice also has multiple crochet patterns in this post

cluster rows scarf crochet pattern

Cluster Rows Scarf free crochet pattern from Family Craft Studios

tweed crochet cowl pattern

Oversized crochet cowl pattern for sale via LoveCrochet – what a tremendous piece!

granite cowl free crochet pattern

Granite cowl free crochet pattern by Chaleur Life for My Hobby is Crochet

crochet cowl pattern

Squish! One skein cowl free crochet pattern featuring a Split Bullion Crochet Stitch from Moogly; you may have noticed that this was also featured in yesterday’s roundup of 100+ one-skein crochet patterns

crochet waves scarf pattern

Textured waves scarf free crochet pattern from jessie_athome who really implemented a great technique here to create the look of short rows

hexagon scarf free crochet pattern

Hexagon scarf free crochet pattern from Fiber Flux – a motif we don’t typically see in scarves and one that works well!

chunky finger crocheted scarf free pattern

Chunky finger crochet scarf free pattern from Hopeful Honey; learn how to finger crochet here

free crochet cowl pattern

Free crochet cowl pattern from @myhobbyiscroche

plum skies cowl crochet pattern

Plum Skies Cowl free crochet pattern from Fiber Flux – love that drawstring closure!

picot shell stitch crochet scarf free pattern

Picot shell stitch crochet scarf free pattern from Meladora’s Creations who does a great job of explaining a particular crochet stitch and then showcasing it in a scarf pattern. There are a couple more of hers here in this roundup as well.

stripes and blocks crochet scarf free pattern

Stripes and Blocks scarf free crochet pattern from Moogly, a great unisex crochet pattern!

chunky crochet cowl free pattern

Chunky crochet cowl free pattern @mamainastitch

free crochet cowl pattern

Jamie Cowl free crochet pattern from Rescued Paw

easy cowl crochet pattern

Easy cowl free crochet pattern from DLY’s Hooks and Yarns

crochet scarf free pattern

Glover stitch scarf free crochet pattern from Meladora’s Creations

ruffled scarf crochet pattern

Ruffled scarf crochet pattern for sale from Lacy Crochet

fall crochet cowl pattern

Fall cowgirl free crochet cowl pattern from @jessie_athome – for the contemporary cowgirl at heart to wear any time of year!

crochet cowl with buttons pattern for sale

Charlie Crochet Cowl pattern for sale from Rescued Paw. The great buttons give this cowl a terrific rustic wintery feeling.

wave stitch scarf crochet pattern

Wave stitch scarf free crochet pattern from Meladora’s Creations

crochet cowl pattern

Crochet cowl free pattern from @craftybegonia who always brings us fabulous free neckwear patterns

crochet cowl free pattern

Platinum crochet cowl free pattern @fiberflux

crochet buttoned scarf free pattern

Crochet button scarf free pattern from Rescued Paw

chunky cowl free crochet pattern

Chunky cowl free crochet pattern @fiberflux

tunisian crochet scarf pattern

Reversible one-skein Tunisian crochet scarf free pattern from moogly

colorful crochet cowl pattern from elkstudio

Colorful crochet cowl free pattern from Elk Studio

chunky hooded cowl free crochet pattern

Chunky hooded cowl free crochet pattern from V Stitch

chain scarf crochet free pattern

Chain scarf crochet free pattern from Undeniable Glitter

crochet cowl scarf

Lacy crochet infinity scarf free pattern from Undeniable Glitter

free crochet scarf pattern

All chained up free crochet scarf pattern from @jessie_athome

hopeful honey crochet pom scarf pattern

Crochet pom scarf pattern for sale from Hopeful Honey

crochet cowl free pattern

Bobble stitch crochet cowl free pattern from Undeniable Glitter

crochet keyhole scarf free pattern

Keyhole scarf free crochet pattern from @fiberflux

crochet chevron cowl freepatter

Chevron cowl free crochet pattern from @jessie_athome

crochet scarf tutorial

Tutorial for making a stashbusting crochet scarf @spincushions

crochet cowl free pattern

Linen stitch mobius cowl free crochet pattern @jessie_athome

crochet flowers

Crochet flowers scrap scarf free pattern from Atty’s

crochet cowl hat free pattern

4-in-1 hat/cowl convertible crochet pattern for sale from ACCROchet

one skein crochet kids scarf

child’s scarf crochet pattern for sale from Divine Debris on Ravelry

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  1. Thank you for including my Cluster Rows scarf pattern! I love the collection you put together here. There are so many wonderful designs.

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