Over the past month and a half I’ve shared daily posts of Featured Instagrammers, who they are, what they crochet and the photographs that they share with us using the #crochetconcupiscence tag. It’s a way for you to meet new crafters, find folks to follow on social media and get your daily dose of crafty inspiration. Just in case you missed any of them, here’s the roundup of all of these great artists.

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1. Aglae Laser.

aglaelaser crochet tic tac toe

2. Anne Surr.

annesurr crochet blanket

3. Audra of Hook n Owl.

audra_hooknowl crochet hood wolf

4. Babagabaa.

babagabaa crochet wood

5. Bechancer.

bechancer crochet granny square tissue cozy

6. Bethshananne.

bethshananne crochet fingerless gloves 2

7. Susan of CaswellJones.

caswelljones crochet ends

8. Ceyhan65.

ceyhan65 crochet colors

9. Corinne of Cozamundo.

cozamundo crochet heart blanket

10. Robyn of Crochetgirl99.

crochetgirl99 crochet daisy blankets

11. Alexandra of CrochetingThruChronicDiseases.

crochetingthruchronicdiseases crochet wave stripe hat

12. Anneke of CrochetInPaternoster.

crochetinpaternoster crochet variegated yarns

13. Michelle Phillips of CuteAsHook.

cuteashook crochet bird

14. Torill of Ektelykke.

ektelykke crochet mandalas

15. Elisabeth Andree.

elisabethandree crochet blankets

16. Elzavan912.

elzavan912 crochet bag

17. Paula of FlamingPot.

flamingpot crochet cupcakes

18. Anthea of ForestFlowerDesigns.

forestflowerdesigns crochet ripple

19. Michelle of Forever__Autumn__.

forever_autumn_ crochet blanket

20. Jane Feagans-King of Gigididthis.

gigididthis freeform crochet flowers project

21. Rachel of Gooseberryfool.

gooseberryfool crochet craft fair style

22. Hannah of HanRosieG.

hanrosieg crochet bunnies

23. HeartmadeBeanies.

heartmadebeanies crochet hat tag

24. Holly Pips.

holly_pips crochet heidibears owl

25. Hookybren.

hookybren crochet striped cardi design ideasmagazine

26. Jackie of Northern Cottage Gifts.

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet rustic lace square

27. Aki of KnitPurlHook.

knitpurlhook crochet motifs

28. Lise Solvang.

lisesolvang knit gloves with crochet barefoot sandals

29. Natalie of Little Cosy Things.

littlecosythings crochet giraffe superheroes

30. Sarah of Little Fox Crochet.

littlefoxcrochet crochet donuts

31. Lou of Tea Crochet.

lou.teacrochet crochet dungarees

32. Louise of LouLouDeane.

louloudeane crochet ponchos

33. Lynda Carroll.

lyndapc crochet and reading

34. Marianne of Marretjeroos.

marretjeroos colorful crochet rectangle granny blanket

35. Melissa Richardson.

mlissabethgr crochet baby blanket

36. Sandra of MobiusGirl.

mobiusgirl crochet mandala

37. Oakherder.

oakherder crochet hermit crab and shell

38. Maria of Pattern Paradise.

patternparadise crochet shoes

39. Jane of Queen Babs.

queen_babs crochet creativity quote

40. Railyn Beauchamp.

raimarie16 crochet blanket

41. Anne of RicePuddingBaby.

ricepuddingbaby crochet dolls

42. StelCrochet.

stelcrochet crochet curtain

43. Sweet Sharna.

sweet_sharna crochet owl pillows

44. That Girl Who Crochets.

thatgirlwhocrochets crochet ripple blankets

45. Ana of Woolyana.

woolyana crochet lace

46. Marta of MrsDaftSpaniel.

mrsdaftspaniel crochet amigurumi monster

47. Magda de Lange.

rawrustic crochet squares blanket

And More

These folks have also all been featured crochet Instagrammers in the past. They were given a daily spot in this year-end roundup either because they no longer update their posts with the #crochetconcupiscence tag or because I’d so recently shared their photos as features that there was no need to repeat them so soon. Check them out, too.


classybird28 crochet cherry pi shawl


creativedesignsbysheila crochet crocodile stitch


jysoulikmamma_brilliantmommy happy scarf crochet


magneticmary crochet dolls


nesimerciger crochet flower

Poppy May Creations

poppymaycreations crochet baby shoes

Little Bird Bunting

littlebirdbunting crochet vstitch blanket striped




madwhimsy crochet grannies

Ruby Jane’s Lane

rubyjaneslane crochet mandala


xtinerat crochet blanket


make_the_nest crochet blanket


pollypet crochet


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