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Jane Balke-Andersen, known to many as Queen Babs, is a yarn bomb artist who lives in Sydney, Australia and who peppers Instagram with her beautiful images accentuated by poignant sayings and completed with thoughtful updates about her life experiences.

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She shares on the Yarnbombers United website:

queen_babs crochet inspiration

“I have been chronically ill for more than 22 years and have a variety of things including fibromyalgia and depression. I am no expert in anything, but I try to share my ideas and encourage everyone to be the best they can, spread kindness and find happiness. Instagram and Facebook allow me a way to stay connected with other people when I am mostly housebound.”

queen_babs fmshopemandala project

One of the Yarnbombers United projects is the FMS Hope Mandala Project, which raises awareness about fibromyalgia and invisible illness. They’ve received more than 300 crochet mandalas from more than 100 people across 16+ countries.

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Jane says on Facebook:

queen_babs crochet granny circle

“I love yarn bombing and crochet and crafts of all kinds. I started crocheting in 2013 teaching myself via the internet. Craft is therapy and a sanity saver. It lets me express myself artistically and share it as a gift to the local community.”

queen_babs memoryheartday crochet

On June 18th, she was named Australian of the Day, where she is quoted as saying:

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“Initially, I wanted to colour the streets, I wanted to make the streets beautiful, but my main goal was to make people smile. Because therapy for me was a way for me to give something to my community. It feels wonderful to be a part of something that’s bigger than me. You know? It’s not just my project; it’s everybody’s. But if the community involved is an orchestra, I may be the conductor.”

queen_babs crochet memory hearts project

Jane was interviewed on the Yarnbomber podcast, where you can hear a lot more about her world of crochet.

queen_babs crochet inspired!

More Inspiring Thoughts:

queen_babs crochet inspirational thoughts with knit bunny queen_babs make your life a colorful crochet story queen_babs yarn message queen_babs crochet flowers queen_babs crochet flowers queen_babs crochet yarnbomb queen_babs yarnbomb quote queen_babs yarnbomb hearts queen_babs crochet inspiration queen_babs crochet love yarnbomb with pattern queen_babs yarnbomb queen_babs crochet hearts queen_babs crochet yarnbomb quote queen_babs crochet yarnbomb queen_babs crochet owl queen_babs yarnbomb crochet queen_babs yarnbomb crochet queen_babs inspiration crochet mlissabethgr crochet inspiration repost queen_babs queen_babs yarnbombing inspiration queen_babs crochet yarnbomb queen_babs crochet yarn queen_babs yarnbomb

queen_babs crochet flower

queen_babs crochet yarnbomb

And More Crochet from Jane:

queen_babs blocking crochet queen_babs crochet flowers queen_babs crochet flower 2 queen_babs yarn pompoms queen_babs justlittlethingsblanket daily square crochet queen_babs yarn queen_babs knit crochey yarnbomb queen_babs pom queen_babs pompoms yarnbomb queen_babs crochet granny square queen_babs crochet squares queen_babs crochet yarnbomb queen_babs crochet squares 2 queen_babs yarn winding queen_babs craft meetup queen_babs yarnbomb crochet art queen_babs crochet pincushion queen_babs crochet heart queen_babs yarn storage queen_babs crochet chunky blue circle queen_babs crochet candle pattern queen_babs crochet blanket Squaring the Big Circle

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