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Today’s contribution to the Mandalas for Marinke remembrance project comes to us from Lhizz in New Zealand.

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She shares the message for Wink:

You are an inspiration and will be remembered.”

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Indeed, Wink’s work will continue to inspire us for a long time to come. And on that note, I wanted to remind you that the book she authored before her death, Crochet Mandalas, has now been published and is available for sale through Amazon. This book includes twenty crochet mandala patterns, including patterns for mandala cushions, journal covers and more. The photos are beautiful hippie-inspired images that I’m sure Wink would love to have seen in print.

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For the depression awareness portion of today’s post, I wanted to point your attention to a recent study showing that “depression raises the risk of cancer death“. The study followed more than 75,000 breast cancer patients over a decade and found that those who also had depression were 45% more likely to die than those who did not.

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“They suspect cancer patients who become depressed are likely to have a less healthy lifestyle and less likely to accept treatment that could save their life. Chronic stress could also reduce their chance of recovery.”

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The important implication that comes out of this research is that people who are struggling with depression along with a cancer diagnosis should do all that they can to work with professionals and supportive friends and family to get the depression under control if possible. This information shouldn’t be used to beat yourself up; depression is a completely understandable reaction to a cancer diagnosis and may be beyond your control. It just means that you may have to be extra diligent in working with your condition in order to increase your ability to battle the cancer.

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  1. If only she knew how much she meant to so many and how important her work and designs were across the globe… If only…such a beautiful soul.. gone too soon. You are missed!

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