It’s that time of year, the time for looking back and checking out all of the amazing things that we’ve seen in crochet all throughout the year. Let’s start by looking at this year in crochet art.

Crochet Artists

crochet portrait art bjork

Etsy Crochet Artist Katikaart: Portraits, Animals and Still Life Art in Bold Colors with Beautiful Details

hyperbolic crochet meyer

Hyperbolic crochet art from mathematician Gabriele Meyer

crochet art hat

Beautiful crochet art hats from Ana Voog

crochet art

My Mother, the Crochet Artist

crochet paint

Artist Angela Teng Turns Paint into Yarn for Crochet

crochet art

A World of Crochet from Artist Gina Rose Gallina

crochet science art

Mixed media organic crochet artist Elin Thomas

crochet sculpture art by Nathalie doolaard

Interview with sculptural crochet artist Nathalie Doolaard

3d crochet leaf art

Susanna Bauer organic crochet art

crochet hearts london kaye

Graffiti Art Yarnbomber London Kaye

nathan vincent with crochet war art

Crochet artist Nathan Vincent has launched his first solo museum exhibit

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam opens new crochet playground at Ohio museum

crochet butterfly art benoot

Ann Benoot uses animal zentangles as inspiration for her freeform crochet art. See my interview with her!

crochet sheep art

Vicky Harrison

oliviartcreations crochet pretzel squid sculpture art


granny square crochet fox art workbyknight

Digital Granny Square Art from Work by Knight

crochet emperor penguin by felieke van der leest

Mixed Media Crochet Artist Felieke van der Leest

troy emery yarndermy rainbow

Yarndermy Art Sculptures by Troy Emery

Crochet Art Roundups

crochet art

30 Beautiful Examples of Crochet As Art

crochet art

20 Examples of Beautiful Crochet Art

crochet art

150+ Amazing Examples of Crochet as Art; image is new upcycled crochet work from artist Kate Jenkins

crochet artist kate jenkins

25 new examples of inspiring crochet art; this one is also by Kate Jenkins who was very active this year

crochet oysters by kate jenkins

30+ Jaw Dropping New Examples of Crochet Art, yes, this one is by Kate Jenkins

Crochet Art Projects

crochet wisteria vines

100 Women Project student crochet art and 8 examples of my crochet art + my contribution to Made by Hand

mario bros crochet blanket

Animated GIF of Mario Bros Crochet Blanket

mixed media crochet art

Sculpture workshop by crochet artist Bonnie Meltzer

crochet flower art

Update on Flower Power Crochet Art Project

Mandalas for Marinke

mandalas for marinke crochet october

The Mandalas for Marinke art project is an ongoing project started this summer to honor the creativity and life of Marinke Slump, a crochet designer who died by suicide. All of these posts are individually and collective an astounding work of art.


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