Bechancer is a left-handed crafter who especially loves crochet. She features it regularly on Instagram where she also shares other crafts and random things that inspire her. Last year I shared her roundup of crochet animals, home decor, holiday crafting and more. Here are some beautiful new things she shared with us in 2015.

bechancer crochet granny circle

This is Bechancer’s version of the Granny Circle Crochet Mandala free pattern from Crochet with Raymond, which you can find linked to in my roundup of 40 crochet mandala patterns. I love how she has added the simple edging in light purple to finish this circle in a unique new way. The center of her crochet mandala here is also slightly different than the original. This is a great example of how slight adaptations to a pattern can make it more your own and give you an opportunity for self-expression.

bechancer crochet blanket bechancer crochet blanket

I love the detail in both of the above photos and how they each share different angles of the same piece of work. I love the simple edging again on this one. And I love the deep,rich colors that play against one another here with the occasional very bright hue thrown in. Fabulous work from a terrific crocheter.

bechancer crochet tissue box

Here’s a tissue box cozy worked in an ombre colorway using a granny stitch. It’s absolutely retro chic.

bechancer crochet cowl

Here’s an example of one of Bechancer’s rare pieces worked in a solid, neutral color … and it still works. What a great chunky cowl. Looks so cozy!

bechancer crochet flowers

Autumnal colors are worked into a set of connecting flowers that looks like it’s set to become a table setting. This same technique would work well for a curtain that could also hang in a sunny kitchen! Or you could enlarge the flowers and make a set of matching coasters. Of course, they’re also just perfect the way that they are.

bechancer crochet snowflake

I love this photo. It’s a very pretty crochet snowflake, that inspires me to want to make winter crochet items, and it’s also a great picture that does a terrific job of showcasing the detail in the stitches. Adore it.

bechancer crochet heart

This little winged crochet heart makes me smile. The way it’s posed with its source of inspiration is just a bonus!

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  1. Christine Harrison Reply

    It’s so nice to see a left-handed crocheter getting a mention and her photos show that being left-handed is not a disadvantage in life! I actually learned how to crochet when I was ten during school needlework classes. I did tell the teacher I was left-handed, and assumed she was teaching me how to crochet that way. It was only several years later that I realised I was crocheting right-handed! My technique looks really strange to a lot of people, but I’m used to doing it this way and, as long as the finished product looks okay, I’m fine with that!

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