Today’s featured crochet Instagrammer is Susan Caswell of CaswellJones. I love checking out what she’s sharing on Instagram, especially enjoying her smart choices in colors for her crochet work. She’s able to make a big impact with just a few colors that are implemented in a profoundly creative way. Her IG feed incorporates these craft images along with photos of her family and snippets of her life so that you feel like you’re getting to know her as you follow along with what she posts. Last year I shared a roundup of her crochet cushions, hats, baskets and more. Let’s take a look at what she shared with us this year.

Rainbow Crochet Blanket

My favorite of all of the pieces that Susan shared with us on Instagram is this rainbow ombre crochet blanket that’s built into a neutral background. I’ve said before that I love her use of color and this is a terrific example of that colorwork. I love how even the stitches are and how she shows the process involved with the blanket ends, how they’re cut off and woven in before the final border is added. A fabulous project and a great display of how Instagram can be used to showcase the whole process of a project.

caswelljones colorful crochet caswelljones crochet ends caswelljones crochet yarn ends caswelljones rainbow colorful crochet blanket

Another Colorful Crochet Blanket

This crochet pattern is worked in a simple color palette of just four colors but they’re played with in such interesting ways that the whole blanket feels like a bright sunny garden. Wonderful work.

caswelljones crochet squares caswelljones colorful crochet square caswelljones crochet square

Crochet Motifs

It’s fun to look at the way that Susan lays her motifs out for photographs and designing purposes, to look at the progress that she’s making, to enjoy what she’s creating that’s based on motifs. I actually especially love the circles in a square but can understand why some people would be more drawn to the flower hexies!

caswelljones crochet squares caswelljones crochet motifs caswelljones crochet hexies caswelljones crochet blanket

Cute Crochet!

Susan shared some cute small makes with us.

caswelljones crochet pie

I love the little dollop of crochet whipped cream on this crochet pumpkin pie; see more pumpkin crochet.

caswelljones crochet ball

This amigurumi crochet ball is worked in the same four colors as the blanket above, and you can see that the boldness of the colors pops even in a little project, which shows how well she did at picking the right shades!

caswelljones crochet easter peeps

I love Peeps crochet! Susan did a great job of replicating the classic design here. Even without the background photo, I’d totally know what that was.

caswelljones crochet cushion

This is one of the crochet cushions that Susan made last year and it’s bee shared on the blog before but here we see it in her collection of pillows on fabulous printed fabrics. Her home looks cute and cozy, doesn’t it?

caswelljones spring crochetThis was a springtime crochet project. I love the winding vines of the flowers. I love that she’s used the same colors here that she used in her cushion above but creates a different impact with the stitches and small flowers. What a happy project.

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  1. These are so beautiful and creative. Does she have patterns available? I wish I could come up with stuff like this on my own!

    • Thanks Stephanie! The rainbow blanket is just moss stitch, alternating rainbow colors with gray. The sampler blanket with four colors was just me making it up as I went along, but it started with the Circle of Friends square by Priscilla Hewitt ( – now there’s a talented woman). There are many circle in square patterns out there, but I didn’t really like any of them, so I made up my own. The peep bunny and the pillow are from patterns (although the side detail on the pillow is my own). The pillow pattern link is in the comments on one of my Instagram pics. The hexie blanket is my own pattern because I could not find a hexie I liked! –Susan

  2. Hi Susan,
    Having made a moss stitch blanket myself but in bold color blocks, I’ve always wanted to do one in single stripes as you did with yours. But I’ve always been put off by the prospect of having all those ends to deal with. May I ask how you dealt with the ends before you cut them off and did your border?

    • Hey Diny – I’m not gonna lie, that was a lot of ends. Other than “please for your sanity’s sake weave them in as you go” (which clearly I did not do), the only words of advice I have are these: 1. It helped me to do every other row (not sure why, but it did) so I did all the color rows first, then went back and did the gray; 2. Weave the ends in along the row of the same color for several stitches, then turn around and weave them back out. This keeps the ends from popping out every time you pick up the finished blanket, which is beyond annoying because believe me you never want to see those ends again. Hope this helps!

  3. Wendy McKenney Reply

    I love the way the medley of colorful ends looks. I wonder if one could make this scarf size and how it would look with all those ends left dangling?

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