When I previously shared some of the work from Hannah of hanrosieg, I also shared: “Her short-and-sweet IG tagline says it all: “colourful stuff and pretty things”. Hannah mostly shares the many different cute things she makes in crochet. She also shares a variety of photos of other crafts and inspiring images she spots around and about. It’s always a joy to pop over to her page and take a look.” That is still true. Let’s look back at all she’s shared with us using the #crochetconcupiscence tag.

Crochet Animals

Hannah makes the cutest crochet animals – all different kinds including bunnies, bears and even a crochet elephant.

hanrosieg crochet bunny hanrosieg crochet bunny hanrosieg crochet bunnies

The nose and the clothes are what make this little crochet bunny so perfect. I love the granny square based overalls! And the crochet behind it gives us a sneak peek at the blankets and cushions we’ll be looking at in a moment.

hanrosieg crochet bunny

Cute little crochet monster bunny can travel anywhere

hanrosieg crochet ripple hanrosieg crochet sloth hanrosieg crochet bunny

A hooded cape makes the perfect accessory for this crochet bear … all of the clothing and accessories on these toys really enhances their adorableness

hanrosieg crochet teddy bear hanrosieg crochet cushion and animals

A terrific collection of crocheted stuffies! This photo makes me smile.

hanrosieg crochet harry potter doll hanrosieg christmas crochet

A cute Christmas crochet cushion!

hanrosieg crochet owl

This crochet owl is my favorite of all of these animals. The stitches on the tummy are perfect, the stripes on the head are fun and the shade of blue chosen for the details is an excellent selection.

hanrosieg crochet elephant 2 hanrosieg instagram crochet babushka dolls

Crochet nesting dolls … not animals, of course, but a terrific set in amigurumi crochet. And I love how the mirror in the photo allows us to see both front and back of the items.

Crochet Cushions and Blankets

Hannah makes beautiful crochet cushions and blankets, often using granny square motifs (or variations thereof) but also incorporating other types of stitch designs and patterns.

hanrosieg crochet blanket new baby

Baby’s first crochet blanket


Beautiful crochet edging


Rainbow crochet circle cushion


This is the Blooming Flower crochet cushion pattern by Attic 24, one of the most popular of all free crochet patterns

hanrosieg_crochet_pink_square hanrosieg_crochet_square hanrosieg crochet squares hanrosieg crochet squares wip hanrosieg granny crochet hanrosieg crochet squares

I love the layout of these crochet blanket squares here as well as the yummy yarn chosen for the project!

hanrosieg crochet blanket squares hanrosieg crochet squares hanrosieg crochet squares hanrosieg granny squares hanrosieg crochet granny hanrosieg crochet cushion 2 hanrosieg crochet cushion

The front and back of this crochet granny cushion perfectly complement each other.

hanrosieg crochet ripple blanket

It’s always fun to see a colorful crochet ripple blanket

hanrosieg crochet ripple blanekt hanrosieg crochet ripple blanket hanrosieg crochet cushions hanrosieg crochet ripple blanket hanrosieg crochet cushion

The crochet is attached to pretty floral fabric on this cushion.

hanrosieg sunny crochet blanket

This one is Hannah’s version of the Cedar River CAL, which we also saw recently from Cozamundo

More Crochet


Cute crochet water bottle cozy



A beautiful crochet shawl

hanrosieg crochet cardi

Adorable little crochet cardigan

hanrosieg crochet christmas hanrosieg crochet cowl

Granny stitch crochet infinity scarf

hanrosieg crochet sock wip hanrosieg crochet heart hanrosieg crochet bear hanrosieg crochet motifs hanrosieg crochet wip hanrosieg yarn

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