joannes crochet mandala

Joanne Carpenter Katz, a 70-year-old crafter from Bowling Green, Ohio, created her own design for this crochet mandala, with the colors representing the following (from the center out):

joanne crochet mandalas for marinke.jpg center detail

  • Yellow – “Life” – a bristly wool representing the roughness of life
  • Fuchsia – Living life as well as she can
  • Turquoise – Tears
  • Yellow – Living life again

joanne crochet mandalasformarinke

  • Fuchsia – Reaching out to the greater community, living life
  • Variegated – Hanging on by a thread
  • Pink – Decision. Riding on the clouds.
  • Fuchsia – Marinke circles all. Her life given for a greater message.

joanne crochet mandalas for marinke

Joanne adds, “depression has no sound.”

joanne crochet mandala for marinke

Joanne’s statement made me curious about what people have shared about the sound of depression, which led me to this moving, intense clip:

joanne crochet mandala for wink

Then further research led me to research into sound therapy for depression.

“New research shows short bursts of ultrasound (sound waves above the range of human hearing), at just 30 seconds a time, appear to boost mood and ease anxiety.”

joanne crochet mandala

sound therapy for depression

Sound Therapy International

joanne crochet mandalas

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