I am always delighted when Michelle of Forever__Autumn__ shares her work using this #crochetconcupiscence tag on Instagram. She has a quote in her bio there that reads, “Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world, for indeed, that’s all who ever have.” I don’t know a lot about her personally but I really think that this quote, along with her crochet work speaks for itself, with its delicate beauty, richness of heart and bright inspiration.

Stripes of Crochet Color

I love the way that her crochet feed is filled with striped projects, rich in bright colors that are made contemporary and unique in stitch choices. You’ll find that she has crochet blankets like this in v-stitch, granny stripes, ripples and more. There’s also similar work done in corner-to-corner crochet.

forever__autumn__ crochet blanket stitches forever__autumn__ crochet blanket forever_autumn_crochet_shawl forever_autumn_crochet forever__autumn__ instagram crochet blanket stripes forever_autumn crochet blanket forever_autumn_crochet_vstitch forever_autumn_ crochet blanket forever_autumn crochet blanket 2 forever_autumn crochet blanket forever_autumn crochet ripple forever__autumn__ crochet blanket

Granny Squares

Michelle also makes granny squares and variations on this classic motif and does fun things with these colorful creations, too.

forever_autumn__crochet_squares forever_autumn_crochet_squares forever_autumn_instagram_crochet_motifs forever_autumn crochet square forever__autumn__ crochet squares forever__autumn__ crochet squares forever_autumn crochet square forever_autumn crochet granny

foreverautumn crochet squares blanket

forever__autumn__ crochet granny square forever__autumn__ crochet granny square blankets

Crochet Hats

And sometimes crochet hats:

forever__autumn__ instagram crochet hat forever_autumn crochet hat forever_autumn crochet pink hat forever_autumn crochet hat forever_autumn crochet hat forever_autumn crochet hat

forever_autumn crochet smoothie hats

Including super tiny crochet hats. Precious.

And More Wonderful Crochet

forever__autumn__ crochet basket and hooks

Chunky crochet basket to hold all of those beautiful hooks

forever__autumn__ crochet flowers

Pretty spiral crochet flowers in soft solid colorsforever_autumn crochet puff stitch

A unique crochet motif made using what looks like a type of puff stitch

forever__autumn__ tapestry crochet

Tapestry crochet

forever_autumn white crochet

A simple project in a simple color really shows off a crocheter’s stitches; look at the perfect beauty from forever__autumn__

forever_autumn crochet poppy

Crochet poppy

foreverautumn crochet cowl

Color-blocked crochet infinity scarf

foreverautumn crochet cotton coaster foreverautumn crochet circles


This crochet shawl is my favorite of all of her crochet makes.

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