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Happy Thanksgiving

to those of you who celebrate this holiday, and feelings of gratitude to you today anyway even if you don’t.

Each year on Thanksgiving, I typically post all of the reasons that I am thankful for crochet. This year, however, I just wanted to give a huge shout out of support to everyone who has helped the Mandalas for Marinke project become a reality.

mandalas for marinke crochet october

Thank you to everyone who contributed crochet mandalas to the project. I am continuing to post them daily, and it touches me every single time I sit down to write up one of these posts. Your stories and your stitches are all so beautiful and meaningful.

Thank you also to everyone who was written about the project, shared it on social media or otherwise let people know about it. Thank you to everyone who has commented on any post, sharing support for me, the project or the maker. This support means a lot. And thank you to each of you who has looked at even one post throughout the duration of this project.

September Crochet Mandalas

I feel so honored to be part of the crochet community, and it is projects like this one that really help me to feel supported by the larger network of people who craft together today. I was recently interviewed for a feature article in Simply Crochet magazine, and one of the things I shared there was:

“I feel connected to others every time I make a stitch. I believe it connects me to the generations before me who crafted this way, the generations after me who can experience what I have created and the generation I’m living in through the sharing of our work.”

The craft of crochet saved my life but it’s the community of crocheters that really infuses the experience with meaning. I am able to survive, thrive and grow because of this community.

hook to heal cover

And an additional thanks to everyone who has supported my newest book, Hook to Heal. People have offered generous support since the beginning of the project, and people are being very kind since it was published a few days ago. I’m really touched by each and every one of you.

I hope that today is filled with love, support, beauty, laughter, ease, comfort, joy and magic. And if it’s not, I hope that you find peace in your heart and a place that is gentle to rest until things can get better. Remember that you are special, you are important, your life is meaningful, you matter. HUGS.


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