crochet star mandala by lydia

Today’s large, striking crochet mandala comes from Lydia of Tangled in Yarn Crochet. She writes:

crochet star by lydia

“Wink, you’re a star in the night’s sky now, be at peace.”

crochet star mandala for marinke from lydia

That sentiment is reiterated in the mandala itself, which has a bold star in the center of sky-inspired colors. Lydia adds:

crochet mandala by lydia

“To everyone else fighting mental illness: Always keep fighting! Your story isn’t over!”

lydia crochet star mandala

Lydia describes herself on her blog in a way that I think Wink would appreciate:

crohet mandala from lydia

“Crocheting is a passion of mine. I’ve recently begun to delve into designing my own crochet patterns. My tastes are a bit eclectic in crochet designs – I seem to be a style combination of boho and rocker myself, with a pinch of hippie thrown into the mix. I’ve honestly never really followed fashion, so this is kind of new to me. I’m currently trying to find my crochet niche, style wise.”

center detail crochet mandala

She adds:

“I love the sense of community I’ve gotten from fellow crocheters, and the well-being I feel while crocheting — I read something about it mimicking the effects of meditation in a person’s brain. That’s really cool to me — my favorite hobby allows me to be creative and meditative at the same time.”

lydia crochet mandalasformarinke

Over on Instagram she reminds us: “life is short, do what you love”. You can also connect with Lydia on Ravelry @tangledinyarnover.

mandalasformarinke by lydia

For the depression awareness portion of the project today, I share this video:

SAM – Short Film | 2015 from Alexis Garcia Rocca on Vimeo

“According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. “Sam” is a meditation on that statistic. Based on real events, this film spans a day in the life of a young Afghanistan War Veteran struggling with PTSD as he tries to reintegrate back into the world as a changed man. For more info about the film check out:”

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  2. Rebecca Brooks Reply

    It’s a beautiful piece, your mandala. Thanks for helping others learn about PTSD. It’s terrible that our gov. doesn’t support our warriors after their lives have been ruined working for the gov. Have you heard about the latest travesty against our soldiers? That evil K2 project?! They secretly steal the war dogs that are trained and loved by the canine soldiers and adopt them out to families! Then if the soldiers are lucky enough to find where their dogs went many of the families lie to the soldiers and say their dogs were killed or something and even refuse to return the bomb/war dogs to their friends/partners. It’s wicked. It has to be stopped.

    these are the people responsible:

  3. Hello, gostaria de saber se tem o passo a passo dessa mandala. Queria fazer uma. Ficou linda a sua mandala.

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