janne crochet mandala for marinke

This is the spoke crochet mandala pattern by Wink.

jan crochet spoke mandala

It was crocheted by Jan in Queensland, Australia who writes:

jan crochet mandala with note

“I did not know Marinke, but have admired her patterns. Such a loss of a beautiful young soul.”

jannie crochet mandala

For today’s depression awareness info, I wanted to point to an article about Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes who has lived with chronic depression and shared some thoughts recently in a news article that I was able to relate to.

jan crochet spoke mandala for marinke

He talks about how hard it is to live with depression, hard for him and hard for his husband, and how a big part of why it’s so hard (especially but not only as a public figure) is because of the strain and stress and pressure of trying to seem fine. He says that he’s glad that he’s been open about living with depression but that doing so makes him feel worried that people are always worried about him, always thinking everything he does is related to the depression, so he often tries to look like he’s doing more well than he is.

jan crochet mandala

He says:

“Sometimes just mustering the energy to get out of bed, go outside and grab a cup of coffee feels like giving a lecture to ten thousand people. The entire time I’m walking around the world and pretending to be a happy, at ease person, is a performance designed to distract anyone from seeing just how incredibly dark I feel inside.”

And adds this poignant advice:

“So if you know someone who suffers from anxiety or depression, please know when they don’t see you, or don’t check in as much as you’d like, it’s not personal. If they’re anything like me, they are recharging their superpowers, powering up their pac-man to be the person they think you love, even though you love them anyway and in all ways just the way they are.”

jan crochet mandala for marinke

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