Last week we looked at kitchen crochet patterns, which are great for gift giving. Sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy crafty eye candy to get inspiration so today’s roundup isn’t patterns but just more beautiful images of lovely crochet for the kitchen including crochet potholders, crochet coasters and more. If you see an @name, then you’ll find the maker on Instagram.

Crochet Potholders Inspiration

aglaelaser tunisian crochet potholder

Tunisian crochet potholder by @aglaelaser – a beautiful example of a knit-like crochet potholder design worked in fabulous bright colors

joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits crochet potholders

Vintage crochet potholders from @joyfuljaxcrochets.and.knits; she spotted these at a sale and got the beautiful one in front for herself

usakl knit and crochet potholders

Knit potholders with crochet edging by @usakl; it’s always neat to see two different crafts combined into one!

thepurpleponcho crochet potholder

Stained glass crochet potholders by @thepurpleponcho – what a stunning use of color. You can really see even on the blue one that the outlining makes a dramatic graphic difference to the design.

sombrero crochet potholder

Vintage Western crochet potholder patterns sold on Etsy. So adorable! (Not sure what the strawberry has to do with the theme but love that cowboy boot!)

mlissabethgr crochet potholder

Crochet potholder by @mlissabethgr (who, not to give away any secrets) is the featured Instagrammer on this blog on 10/25/15 …)

byhaafner crochet potholdersCrochet potholder display from @byhaafner; I love the combination of these light pastel colors and different shapes all hung together on the wall!

crochet potholders

Crochet potholders by Ruth Maddock – pattern in her book Hooked on Crochet, a great book for learning crochet

nesimerciger crochet potholders

Crochet potholders from @nesimerciger; I especially love those 3d flowers in the center of some of them

crochet potholders double-thick

Double-sided crochet potholders by Flo

crochet potholders

Crochet potholders – pattern in the book Crochet at Home

crochet trivets

Granny square crochet trivet from Urban Outfitters; there are definitely concerns about purchasing handcrafted crochet from big companies (research your fair trade crochet!) but these grannies are great for inspiration!!

crochetgirl99 retro kitchen crochet

@crochetgirl99 has the cutest retro kitchen space and these cute crochet potholder go perfectly inside of it

Renilde de Peuter crochet potholder

Crochet art potholder from artist Renilde de Peuter – so many fun things you can do with potholders if they’re going to hang on your walls!

crocheted potholders

Crochet potholder art display from artist Ana Tuominen who is amazing with bold colorwork!

vintage crochet potholders

vintage crochet potholder display (above) by Swedish stylist and photographer Elisabeth Dunker, previously featured in my post on 5 Tips for Turning Crochet Potholders into Wall Art

Crochet Coasters

redagape_styleanddesign crochet flower power coasters

Colorful crochet coasters by @redagape_styleanddesign – a set of these would make such a great gift!

cattaryna crochet food coasters

@cattaryna made these crochet coasters; I believe they might have been made using the Tutti Frutti coasters pattern on Tuts+ written by Wink

knitpurlhook crochet flower coasters

Crochet flower coasters by @knitpurlhook

treble_stitch crochet coasters

Crochet coasters by @treble_stitch; I love the color choice here!

crochetgirl99 crochet coasters

Crochet daisy flower coasters by @crochetgirl99

lou.teacrochet crochet coasters

Crochet coasters from @lou.teacrochet; isn’t her packaging cute? That’s inspiration for gift wrapping too!

ceyhan65 crochet coaster doily

Black crochet coasters from @ceyhan65 – such a unique and striking choice!

gigididthis crochet coaster

Floral crochet coaster by @gigididthis

sabrinamc7 crochet turtle coaster

Colorful crochet turtle coaster by @sabrinamc7 – cute!

crochetinpaternoster crochet coaster tarn

Crochet coaster by @crochetinpaternoster who does terrific work in t-shirt yarn

hayleyarious crochet coasters

Color-edged crochet coasters by @hayleyarious – terrific muted colors here that still have a pop!

stitchyimpressions crochet coasters

Crochet coasters by @stitchyimpressions

dojocrochet crochet coaster


bechancer crochet coasters

@bechancer made these flower coasters that have small pops of bright color on a neutral background

corazonalsol crochet coasters


bluebirdsunshine crochet coasters


polly_pet crochet coaster

@polly_pet did great work with this one that’s not only a pretty pink but also a great detailed design!

thedorsetfinca instagram crochet coasters




samyaun crochet coasters


foreverautumn crochet cotton coaster

@forever__autumn__ always makes smart color selections

crochet coasters

Crochet Coasters in the book Crochet at Home

crochet coasters

Crochet coasters on from Kelli Ronci – terrific spiral designs made by Fair Trade artisans


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  1. LitlBits2015 Reply

    Is there a way to find these patterns? i click on designer name – it leads to another page from Crochet Concupiscence . If I click on pictures, I get the same….some of these patterns are SO inviting, and I’d like to do some for Christmas gifts…..but can’t find patterns!

    • Kathryn Reply

      In posts like this that are just designed for inspiration, there aren’t patterns available that I’m aware of. The @name of the maker is an Instagram name so you can connect with that person to ask about the pattern they might have used. Hope that helps!

  2. LitlBits2015 Reply

    I should add – and apologize for not doing so – that I do LOVE your site….it is so full of beautiful crochet inspiration AND motivation! I do appreciate that so very much.
    Thank you for that…sincerely!

  3. What a lovely collection, Kathryn!
    And thank you for including one of my photos.
    Have a good week,

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