Crochet cushions are great. There are so many different ways that you can make them. You can create a whole huge set and change them out regularly to keep your space seasonally decorated or just updated in fun new ways. Crochet pillows make great gifts for others; they feel really special and personal without being too personal. There are so many great crochet pillow patterns out there. Here are a few.

crochet mandala cushion free pattern

Mega Mandala cushion free crochet pattern from Red Agape. This is a fun, colorful crochet pattern that’s meditative to make and fabulous to enjoy. You could actually take almost any crochet mandala pattern and turn it into a crochet cushion by putting a pack on it. See 40+ crochet mandala patterns for inspiration if you’re interested in doing that. The one pictured below is a Mandalas for Marinke donation by Alice who used the Seafoam Mandala Pillow crochet pattern by Crochet Memories.

seafoam cal mandala pillow

crochet pillow cushion free pattern

This circle crochet cushion pattern from Crochet Tea Party is another one that resembles a mandala. This is a free crochet pattern on Ravelry.

bobble stitch crochet cushion free pattern

Bobble stitch cushion free crochet pattern from @annabooshouse. You could make it one solid color like you see here or change out the colors for a striped and textured crochet pillow.

crochet pillow free pattern

Crochet pillow free pattern from Rescued Paw. The crochet squares that you see here are a great variation on a granny square and the way that they’re combined together here makes for a great contemporary pillow design.

crochet pillow pattern

Frilly striped crochet pillow cover free pattern from Lazy Hobbyhopper. It’s important to note that you don’t have to actually make full crochet pillow – meaning that you don’t have to stuff them – but instead could make crochet pillow covers that are easily removable and can be changed out frequently using your existing pillows.

crochet fox cushion pattern

Fox cushion crochet pattern for sale by Little Doolally via LoveCrochet. Is there anything cuter than this fox crochet pillow? It could work just as well in a chic room for adults as it would in a nursery.

basketweave pillow free crochet pattern

Basketweave pillow free crochet pattern from Little Monkeys Crochet. This is one of my favorite crochet stitches. It’s fun to make and once you get going it’s got a repetition to the pattern that is so soothing. I love it one solid color but also think it would look great as an ombre! Little Monkeys Crochet also has a super cute buttoned crochet pillow pattern:

crochet button

crochet cushion pattern

Flower square crochet cushion free pattern from creJJtion

crochet cushion

Monster Maze crochet cushion tutorial from Crafts & Coffee

cherry blossoms crochet

Cherry blossom tree cushion cover crochet pattern by Mandy Tempest Designs for sale through Ravelry

colorful crochet pillow

This brightly colored crochet cushion pattern is sold by Sarah London who has several great crochet pillow patterns for sale on her site. She also shares how to make a crochet yo-yo cushion:

crochet yoyo

Image via Creative Jewish Mom, who used Sara London’s crochet yo-yo pattern to make a coverlet. See my own guide to yo-yo crochet on Red Heart’s blog.

crochet pillow

Kaleidoscope hot pad crochet cushion pattern

crochet pattern

This floral crochet cushion pattern is for sale on Etsy from pattydavis designs. It features a striped back with a button closure. She also has lots of other cute crochet pillow patterns inspired by nature.

crochet pillow pattern

The loopy squares crochet pillow pattern is for sale on Etsy from Wood and Wool Stool. The store also has a cute crochet pillow pattern for the pineapple design shown below:

crochet pillow pattern

crochet pillow free pattern

Scrap yarn crochet pillow free pattern from Meladora’s Creations. This pillow is designed in worsted weight yarn, using any scraps or colors that you think work well together. There are video tutorials for both right-handed and left-handed versions of this free crochet cushion pattern. This same blog offers a free crochet pattern for a sunflower pillow:

crochet sunflower pillow pattern

crochet heart pillow

Twinkie Chan’s crochet heart pillow has so much character. I love it. She’s more known for her food designs, though, so of course she also has some food-themed crochet cushion patterns including a Rainbow Sherbet crochet pillow and a Rainbow Cake crochet cushion:

crochet ice cream

cake crochet pillow pattern

crochet cactus tapestry pillow pattern

I love this tapestry crochet cactus pillow pattern for sale on Etsy from bySol who also has other great crochet cushion patterns.

crochet pillow pattern

The popcorn and lace cotton crochet pillow pattern for sale from My Rose Valley is a romantic design based on square motifs. Of course you could also make each square in a different color for a different design effect.

crochet pillow pattern

This is the Sunshine Lattice Pillow free crochet pattern from Moogly. She also has a roundup of free crochet pillow patterns.

best crochet pillow pattern

These 9 crochet pillow patterns were chosen by the judges (including me) for The 3rd Quarter Crochet Awards. Find the info on the designs, their makers and where to get these crochet patterns for pillows in the Pattern Bundle Roundup on Ravelry.


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  1. All of the pillow/pillowcover designs are so amazing and incredibly creative in every way! I just wanted to add some of our longtime favorites (I don’t know how to do a link, I’m sorry) which are found on the gorgeous ‘Color n Cream’ blog. Hers are all very beautiful, and our family especially loves what little one calls the 3-D flowers.

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