caits crochet mandalasformarinke

This crochet contribution to Mandalas for Marinke arrived with a beautiful necklace. All of the little extras like this that have been included for me are going to be incorporated into some type of display shrine for the art show. <3

cait crochet mandalas

These crochet mandalas are both made using the free crochet mandala pattern for Wink’s standard 12-round mandala. I love how these two together show that the color choices can make the same pattern look completely different. One is rainbow hued with ombre effects; the other is a lemon-lime citrus combo. Both are beautiful.

cait crochet mandala detail

These crochet mandalas come from Cait Miller who writes:

I made these mandalas in honor of Wink and of two friends I lost to depression and suicide. I suffer from depression and anxiety, so I see this issue from both sides.

Wink, I wish you Peace. And to your family and friends, I wish joyful remembrance of a truly creative being.”

cait crochet rainbow mandala

Yesterday I shared Divina’s crochet mandala with Dr. Seuss’s “My Many Colored Days” so I thought I’d follow-up today with some depression-relevant quotes by Dr. Seuss:

cait circle crochet mandala

dr. seuss crochet quote dr. seuss mind matter quote dr. seuss you quote dr. seuss quotes dr. seuss

cait center crochet mandala

luckyquote beautiful lucky best things

cait citrus crochet mandala

life is too short flower quote

cait flat crochet mandala

quotes quote dr. seuss suicide quote

caits crochet mandalas for marinke

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